Rorocare Lulla Doll Sleep Companion

Longer periods of uninterrupted sleep;Healthier sleeping patterns / Washable at 140Ò°F ( 60Ò°C );Reduces chances of apnea;Increased well-being and lowered stress;Sounds play up to 8 hours / Real life heart-beat and breathing sound

Product Features

  • Sleep Companion
  • Soft feel of natural Cotton
  • Soothing sounds of real-life breathing
  • Promotes better sleeping
  • Good for the well-being and safety of your child

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3 Responses to Rorocare Lulla Doll Sleep Companion

  1. mypenname says:

    It works a treat, but also a risk for SIDs. So far, our 12 mo old loves this ‘Baaaaabeeee”. The heartbeat and breathing is far more realistic than any noise machine I have heard. Our daughter settles better with this doll, as long as she is not at the moment in a full blown tantrum. She has never done that before. I think it is helping out sleep training move from co-sleeping into her own bed. Personally, I am happy we can finally turn off that white noise machine. But it is only day 2. The novelty may wear off, and this thing…

  2. S . Jackson says:

    Well worth the money

  3. enidmac says:

    Broke very quickly.

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