Q&Y Mini Ear Amplifier USB Rechargeable Ear Hearing Enhancer Aids in Increased Hearing , right ear c55 digital 6 channel

Product Name: USB rechargeable hearing aids
Saturated sound output: 117DdBSPL
Peak gain: 40dB + 5
High frequency average gain: 35dB + 5
Harmonic Distortion: 10%
Equivalent input noise (dB) ? 32dB
Operating current (mA): ?2.5mA
Adaptation range: hearing loss, mild, moderate
Charging method: the right ear when the ear head when the head toward the opening direction of the protective box
Left ear when charging: ear head toward the inside of the protective box

Product Features

  • A. Connect the power adapter to the put box
  • B. Open the USB charging box, the hearing aid into the seat, the hearing aid ear head outward, the opposite direction is invalid
  • C. Choose the right earbuds, different sizes of earplugs
  • D. adjust the volume, counterclockwise to reduce, clockwise increase
  • When the hearing aid is not used, the cradle is automatically switched to the off state, and the recovery is returned to normal working condition

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