Pengwei Wireless Invisible Rechargeable Hearing Aid Earphone Elderly Hearing Hearing Ear Ear

Hearing aid category: Wireless ear canal type
Medical Device Product Name: Hearing aids
Saturation Charging time: 6-10 hours

Power supply time: 16-20 hours

Battery capacity: 30MAH

Power supply voltage: 1.4V

Disease: hearing loss hearing loss
Symptoms: deafness
Applicable people: mild to severe hearing loss
Buy hot: charging wireless stealth
Color classification: Charging hidden hearing aids

Product Features

  • Cycle charging, economic and environmental protection, continuous working hours up to 16-20 hours
  • For USB charging head, car USB, computer
  • A set of earplugs, a variety of sizes to choose from
  • Special reminder: the first time wearing a hearing aid, the proposed volume from small to large slowly adapt, do not want to put aside, want to bring with the side
  • Do not force yourself to adapt, need to slowly accept it

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