D&F Rechargeable Hearing Aid A-33 Auidphones Microphone Amplifier To Profound Deaf Hearing Aids Left /Right Ear , Left ear

Feedback Suppression Function?Low-power Indicator?Noise Reduction Manager

    Peak Gain 4dB
    HFA Full-on Gain 34dB
    Frequency Range 200Hz-6000Hz
    Eq. Input Noise Level 25dB
    Battery Current Drain 1.35 mAe-converted-space
    Low Battery Consumption
    Intelligent Program Recoding Sytem
    Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
    Low Battery Indicator
    Maximum Power Output(MPO)Control
    Fitting Range:<80dB

Product Features

  • RIC hearing aids using the chips with digital circuit and high speed DSP processing chips, intelligent adaptive noise reduction system high-effective adaptive feedback suppression function.
  • The product design show the new trend of BTE hearing aid, it meet the Ergonomics theory with comfortable wearing and Powerful functions.
  • 2Channels and 4 Bands Intelligent Noise Reduction System(6dB)?Intelligent Spectrum Detection Processing System
  • Low Battery Consumption (can last use 18-20 hours)?Maximum Power Output(MPO)Control
  • Package List:1 * Hearing Aid?7 * Earplug?1 * Brush for Cleaning?1 * Operation Manual

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Lux Accessories Teardrop Beaded Dangle Earrings

Who We are:
Lux Accessories, a jewelry and fashion accessories company, has over 10 successful years of experience in the industry partnering with the largest retail stores in the nation. Renowned for their high quality and using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, you can be sure when you buy a product from Lux that careful attention has been paid to it from inspiration to creation to you!

Product Features

  • Luxurious & Affordable!
  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • Designed by Lux Accessories, a world leader in fashion jewelry

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Behind the Ear Hearing Aids USB Rechargeable Digital Wireless Sound Amplifiers Deafness ZDB-200

1 All-Digital 2/4/6/8 channel WDRC(wide dynamic range compression)signal processing;
2 Adaptive Feedback Cancellation;
3 95 decibel Wide dynamic signal input;
4 High fidelity audio output;
5 Available computer programming
6 Have set 3 listening programs;
7 low voltage warning;
8 suitable for the Mild,moderate,moderately severe hearing loss and sound amplification occasions.
9 Comfortable  Wearing;Ear plugs in the ear canal is not closed state,ear canal inside and outside air flow,not stuffy feeling,not damp feeling,not swelling pian,the wearer feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Parts List: Power adapter + Charging cable + Battery charging box + Brush + Storage box + Ear plug * 3 + Catheter * 1 + Hearing aid * 1
1. Delivery time 10-20 days
2. Return range 30 days
3. If you have any questions, please contact us by email

Product Features

  • ★ Ideal for those with mildly restricted/moderate/ severe impaired hearing ability
  • ★ Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, continuous work up to 12-18H
  • ★ Small size, light weight, wireless stealth, to solve the wearer’s troubles
  • ★ Dedicated earplugs, 3 different sizes, suitable for a variety of people
  • ★ Volume has 4 stalls can be adjusted, simple operation; IC technology, low noise, low power consumption

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Soledpower Optimum Bone Conduction Headphones Hearing Aids Bone Conduction Headset audiphone deaf aid best gift for hearing difficulties

Frequency range: 20~20kHz;
Microphone sensitivity:-54±2dB;
Operating time: 10±0.3 hours;
Standby time: over 60 days;
Input: DC5.0±0.5V, Max500mA;
Battery: Li-ion battery capacity 3.7V 350mAH.
2, Using the Headphones
Fix the ‘Sound pick up’ on the collar or shirt packet with ‘Wear clamps’.
Switch on the headphone (On/Off).
Adjust the volume to be appropriate(both side).
Note: if the squeak is happening, please switch off the headphones first, then adjust the both volume to minimum, switch on the headphone again, and adjust the volume higher to appropriate again.
When the red LED on the ‘Indicator light’ is lit, the build-in battery is less than 20%. Please charge it using the micro USB wire in the package. Input power is 5±0.5V. Please use the 5V power adapter which conform with national safety standards.
Note: The charging time may not be more than 24 hours.
4,Storage and maintenance
When the headphones is not in use, turn off the power.
Can use a clean, soft cloth daily clean the whole device.
Note: the pickup box is not water proof design. So do not use wet cloth to clean this part. Particularly, The chemical solvent cleaning can not be use! such as: pure alcohol, acetone, etc.

Product Features

  • This is a Bone Conduction Hearing Aids. Both sides could receive voice and can adjust the volume seperately.Compared with tradtional hearing aids, it is more comfortable and healthy.
  • our product could receive voice by the skull. Release the ears to listen the world, liberated the ear, far away from dangerous, response to the surrounding situation quickly, suitable for walking, running, climbing, skating, riding, sport, etc. No eardrum damage, healthy and eco-friendly. It is suitable for child, young people who uses the headphone frequently to avoid ear damage.
  • The sound transmits through the bone to auditory nerve, perfectly suitable for people who has trouble in listening. No need put into ear, easy to clean, to improve the air flows in the ear, enhanced discharge and evaporation, to improve the reliability of the precipitating bacterial clearance, to avoid more ear disease and delay the hearing loss.
  • Noise Reduction echo and cancellation technology ensure clear sound quality.
  • Sweat-resistant design with Nanotechnology (Up to IPX7) immerse you in sports and music, no need to worry about sweat and water.

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ME-200P Overture Personal Sound Amplifier – Lightweight, Rechargeable with Volume Control and Earphones

Think of the ME-200P Overture Personal Amplifier from Merry Healthcare as a magnifying glass for your ears; simply turn on the Overture, plug in the included earphones, and instantly enhance your hearing.

The Overture is extremely easy to use, with only 4 buttons: Power, Volume +, Volume -, and Mode. The Mode button changes between the 2 audio presets for different listening environments:
• Mode 1 emphasizes the vocal range for concentrating on conversations
• Mode 2 amplifies all frequencies and is better suited for quiet places

At less than half an ounce, this amplifier is one of the smallest available. The lightweight receiver has an attractive, understated design that clips unobtrusively to pockets, lapels and more. The Overture‘s modern industrial design will please even the most fashion conscious users. Say goodbye to clunky, out-modded amplifiers and embarrassing earpieces!

The rechargeable batteries will last up to 20 hours after only 1 hour of charging. No need to constantly shop for and change batteries!

The included earphones are specially tuned to reduce noise and block out unwanted sound. They come with 3 sets of earphone tips–small, medium and large–ensuring a comfy fit. Also included are 3 blue colored earbuds for easy visual identification of left and right. Earphone tips can be removed and cleaned for easy hygiene. The earphones won’t interfere with glasses.

Please search for the Merry Healthcare website to learn more about Overture.

Warranty period of 1 year

• Max Output: 115 +/- dB SPL at 2,900 Hz
• Max Gain: 60 +/- 5dB
• Size: 1.3 x 1.4 x 0.59 in / 32.5 x 36 x 14.9 mm
• Weight: 0.43 oz / 12.2 g
• 3.7V Li-ion battery

Package Contents: Amplifier, earphones, earbud tips (S, M, L sizes included), USB charging cable, USB charger, manual

Product Features

  • ENHANCE HEARING – Amplifies nearby voices, TV, nature sounds and more by up to 60dB
  • 2 MODES – Choose high frequency boost mode for concentrating on conversations or all frequency mode for richer sound
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – No need to replace battery, one charge lasts 20 hours and LED indicator shows low battery
  • INTUITIVE – Only 4 buttons makes the Overture very simple to use
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – The amplifier is thin and portable and can easily clip onto your clothing

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WAOBE Super Mini Hearing Aid Wireless Stealth Rechargeable Elderly Ear Deafness Earphone Sound Voice Best Sound Amplifier Health Care Hearing Aids for Elderly and Parents , # 2

Hearing aid category: wireless ear type
Medical Device Product Name: Hearing Aid
Symptoms: hearing loss deafness hearing loss
Applicable people: middle-aged adult elderly
Buy hot: low-frequency noise reduction operation simple wireless stealth
personal sound amplifier is built with a digital chip and frequency control to easily adapt to different sound environments.
Small behind the ear designed to be virtually invisible and very light. Rotating earpiece to allow this digital hearing aid to be used in any ear.
Small, discreet and adjustable` for both ears
Standard :blue left ear, red right ear

Product Features

  • 100% brand new sound amplifier behind the ear,Standard :blue left ear, red right ear
  • Super mini size and light weight, not easily to be seen
  • Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing
  • Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler
  • Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound

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G&M bluetooth type rechargeable personal sound amplifier hearing aid

Type: Rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aid
Category: Hearing Health Products
Feature: Analogue, Rechargeable, Bluetooth Type
Color: Black
Weight: 9.5g
Size: 4.35*2*1.3cm
Battery: Lithium battery, its capacity is 70mAh
Max Sound Output: ?127dB ± 4dB
Max Sound Gain: 48dB ± 5dBTotal Harmonic Distortion: ?5%
Frequency Range: 450~3500 hz
Equiv Input Noise: ?30 dB
Battery: Lithium Battery
Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Working Current: ?4mA
Measurement: 4.35*2*1.3cm
Special Function Key:Rechargeable,Adjustable Ear Hook
1 x Hearing Aid
1 x Carrying case
1 x Charger
3 x Earplugs
1 x User Instructional Brochure

Product Features

  • is a rechargeable hearing aid with attractive design appearance, it looks like a Bluetooth, work for about 20hours after fully charged
  • Earphone and easy for carry, you can use 2way of with ear hook and without.
  • Different size noise prevention earplug
  • Use the most splendid lithium battery power supply, provides the battery charger, rechargeable for 1000 times
  • Strict quality control, test by the hearing aid test machine

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Bone Conduction Hearing Aids Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless, Comfort Waterproof IPX4 Best Sound Medical Helmet Hearing Aids For IOS And Android Smartphones Tablet PC Notebook Computers And Other Bluetooth Devices ( Color : Orange )

Basic parameters

● Weight: bare metal 35 ~ 40g

● Headset type: Bluetooth bone conduction

● Bluetooth version: BT4.1

● Transmission distance: more than 10 meters

● Frequency response range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz

● Play time: standby more than one week, continuous playback is greater than 6 hours

● Charging time: 2 hours (preferably over 3 hours)

● Storage temperature: -30 ℃ to 80 ℃

● Operating temperature: -20 ℃ to 70 ℃

● Relevant Certification: RoHS, CE, Fcc

●Charging interface: support MICRO, 5PIN

●Waterproof rating: IPX4

●Microphone: -42 ± 3DB

●Speaker: 88 ± 3DB

Product Features

  • 1.Safety:when you running ,mountaineering,cycling and other outdoor sports ,Can be a good sense of the surrounding environment sound ,from improving the security
  • 2.Health :Ear hanging type , no ear ,easy to clean
  • Comfort:Bone conduction headphones and traditional headphones ,do not produce discomfort.
  • 3.Waterproof IPX4 and sweat :Bone conduction headphones do not need openings ,waterproof and sweat ,longer life.
  • 4 Healthy sound through the bones to the auditory nerve, healthy, scientific, comfortable very useful to avoid no eardrum injury, to children, young people and the elderly hearing damage, also suitable for those who have hearing difficulties.

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Mini Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Adjustable Sound Amplifier for Left Right Ear Rechargeable

Weight: 8g
Applicable to the crowd: hearing loss, hearing impairment
Include: Power adapter * 1
Plug converter * 1
ear plugs * 4
Manual * 1
Clean the brush * 1
Instructions for use: 1. Select the appropriate earplugs, the ear plug and headphones connected
2. full of electricity
3. Turn the headset cable to adjust the appropriate angle
4. Turn off the switch and adjust the volume to a minimum
5. put the earplugs into the ear canal, adjust the position, plug tight
6. Select the appropriate gear and volume
7. Use the end, turn off the power

Product Features

  • It applies to patients with hearing loss and hearing impairment
  • It is small, weighs only 8g, anti-beating, even if it falls from a height of 1.5 meters, can still be used
  • It uses digital signal processing technology, can effectively reduce the noise, improve the clarity of voice
  • You can adjust the volume, you can adjust two different stalls, N stalls for the general environment, H stalls for noisy environment
  • USB charging, using digital IC chip to control current loss, full charge can be used for 40 hours, send charger and plug converter

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Super Mini Hearing Aid brands Adjustable Tone Invisible Wireless Best Sound Amplifier Tone Ear Hearing Aids Aid (2 Batteries) (K)

Amazingly clear and precise, medically approved, rechargeable HEARING AID, Digital volume and frequency program fitting as demanded by different needs;conversation more easily.And enriches the sounds around your head to make the world an easy place!


Use the battery: A10

Frequency range: 200hz-7645hz

Input Noise: ≤ 27.6dB

Working current: 1.36mA

Compression rise time: 3ms

Compression recovery time: 48ms


The first week of wearing two hours a day, and then an hour a week to increasingly adapt;

▲Package includes:

1x Ear sound amplifier

3 x Earplug of different size

1 x Carrying Case(To prevent the shaking)

18 x batteries(free)

1 x Instruction

Product Features

  • ★SOUND DISTORTION SMALL:selectively amplifies speech, separating it from background noise and sounds using energy-efficient, twelve-band digital sound processing helping you understand ;
  • ★EASY TO USE:A key switch, a key volume adjustment,just look and know, the old man easy to use;
  • ★WEARING COMFORT:Easy and comfortable, one-finger operation,Noise reduction control through digital chip;
  • ★ADJUSTABLE VOLUME:Digital volume and frequency program fitting as demanded by different needs;conversation more easily;
  • ★ONE YEAR WARRANTY:Quality and brand are guaranteed;

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Ardisle Mini Digital Hearing Aid Kit BTE Behind the Ear in Sound Voice Amplifier Small


100% Brand New.

Material: Plastic

Color: Brown

Item: Hearing Aids

Design: Ear Care

Feature: Adjustable Tone

Packing Size: L9.8 x W7.8 x 3.3cm

Maximum Loudness: 130 +/- 5dB

Sensitivity: ≥ 50dB

Frequency Range: 300Hz ~ 4000Hz

Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤ 5%

Input Noise: ≤ 30dB

Voltage: 1.5V

Current: ≤ 4mA

Battery: Included

Power By: 1 x AG13 Battery

Accessories: 2 PCS Earplugs, 2 PCS Battery

Function: Sound Amplifier

 Thank you for looking!

Package Content: 1 x Hearing Aids, 2 x Earplugs, 2 x Battery, 1 x User Manual

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Careshine Rechargeable Hearing Aid Best Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone Hearing Aids Amplifier Audiphone

This hearing aid is really a good choice for you to qualify your listening.

Maximum saturation pressure (± 4dB): 130
The gain: (46 ± 5dB)
Frequency range: (Hz): 100-5500
The equivalent input noise: (± dB)≤ 28
Harmonic distortion rate (%):≤ 4
Continuous working time: (H)≥ 10
Battery capacity: 40MA battery is a rechargeable battery

Package Include:
1 x Hearing Aid
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Charging Station
5 x Ear Plug
1 x English User Manual

1.Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.
2.Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.
3.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
4.If you hear a howling, check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.
  5.Keep the ear plug clean.

Product Features

  • ❤High quality hearing aid sound amplifier
  • ❤Light weight, easy and comfortable to wear.
  • ❤The hearing aid come with rechargeable function, no need to change battery
  • ❤Silicone earplugs in 5 different sizes, fit most ears.
  • ❤Anti-shock, anti-drop, moisture proof, high temperature proof.

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