Rexton ITC Accord 12 2C Energy Beige

Rexton itc accord 12 2c energy superior listening comfort meets convenience.
perfect for the wearer who is busy enjoying life to the fullest with family and friends and doesn’t want the typical hassle of a hearing solution – accord 2c gives listeners the best of twincore technology with hd speech and connectivity features, all packed into an ultra-comfortable hearing solution. Because the best hearing solutions are the ones that are forgotten when in use, and that’s exactly what you will become accustomed to with the robust reliability and natural sound of accord 2c

accord 2c hearing aids offer premium features that work together to provide comfortable listening in any setting. Visit your local hearing health professional for an evaluation.
accord 2c technology includes:
hd microphone
automatic focus 360°
soft level focus
automatic environment manager
2c feedback preventer
2c automatic noise reduction
securetec nano coating
c-grid wax protection system
wireless assistant
green & easy charger
blu link

Product Features

  • 100 gm
  • Available in black/ beige
  • Rexton/ ITC

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Rayovac PR-44 (675) Extra Advanced 1.4V Zinc-Air Hearing-Aid Battery Bulk Pack (60pcs)

Rayovac Extra size 675 hearing aid batteries, colour coded blue. Used mainly for super power BTE hearing aids. Sold as a box of batteries, 10 cards of 6, quantity 60 cells. Around 3 years of shelf life. 640maH, 1.4v

Product Features

  • 10 cards of 6 batteries
  • 640maH, 1.4v
  • Colour coded blue

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Horizon Bone Conduction Wireless Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (Pink)

Horizon H-BONE01, bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea

Open Fit assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort.

Hear without blocking your ears/communication with surroundings

Sweat resistant, Safer to enjoy music during exercise/driving

Protect your hearing during long hours of gaming or phone conversation.

Hear better for those with hearing loss


Brand: Horizon

Model: H-BONE01

Material: PC

Color: Black / White/ Pink/ Green

Interface: micro USB
Bluetooth Version: V4.1 +EDR
Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3dB

Speaker: Bone Conduction Speaker

Speaker Sensitivity: -40dB +/- 3dB

Sound Track: Dual-Track Stereo

Respond Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20KHz

Play Time: up to 8 hours (depending on volume and music source)

Charge Time: 2 hours

Standby Time: up to 12 days

Weight:56 g/ 1.97 Oz

Dimension:138mm*128mm*64mm/ 5.43″*5.0″*2.5″

Transmission Distance: up to 10 meters (without obstacles)

Package Content:
Bone Conduction Stereo Headset x1

Adjustable Elastic Band x 2

Micro-USB Charging Cable x 1

Ear Plugs x 2

3M Reflective Sticker x 1

Storage Pouch x 1

User Manual x 1

Product Features

  • Bone conduction technology frees ears and protects hearing.
  • Wireless stereo Bluetooth headphone for calls or music
  • Water-proof IPX6 grade
  • Can be used as a hearing aid with APP
  • Super-long standby time

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Amplicomms DRY BOX DB 100+

Compact storage Hearing Aid Dry Box with battery tester, keeps hearing aids dry from moisture and clean from bacteria.

Product Features

  • Uses gentle dry heat to remove moisture and condensation
  • Controlled drying under UV condition. Powerful UV light inhibits bacteria growth which can cause itchy ears
  • Built in battery tester, no more throwing away batteries pre-maturely and wasting money
  • Accommodates up to 2 pairs of hearing aids or Cochlear implant processor
  • Easy to open – even for users with arthritis – Simple one-touch operation

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HD350 Digital Micro Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Silver Left

One of our most popular hearing aids for the most discerning of wearers. From its contemporary and subtle design for ultimate discretion to the pin sharp digital sound, the HD350 offers a comprehensive solution. It features directional twin microphone technology designed to focus on speech from the front and a separate feature to suppress background noise from the side and the rear. It has four volume settings for different listening environments along with an open fitting solution to ensure personal comfort and choice.

Key features:

  • Discreet invisible design
  • Digital sound technology
  • Price includes a free packet of batteries
  • Adjustable volume
  • 12 months full manufacturers warranty
  • No quibble 30 day money back guarantee
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Low battery warning
  • + Speech focus feature
  • + Background noise suppression
  • At you will find nothing but the highest standard of digital hearing aids at a fraction of High Street prices. Our products will be delivered directly to your door and covered by our no quibble 30 day money back guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

    Product Features

    • Discreet invisible design with digital sound technology
    • Specifically designed for high tone and age related hearing loss
    • Pre-programmed with focus on speech tones
    • Price includes a free packet of batteries
    • Colour; Silver. For Left Ear

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    Maintenance and Care Set for Phonak BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids Sound Amplifier Devices

    Set Includes:.. -Rubber Behind the Ear Dual Hearing Aid Holder -Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush with Wax Remover and Battery Magnet -Battery Safe 2 Pack Holder with Key Chain Attachment -Acoustic Tube and Mold Blower Cleaner…. Compatible Phonak Devices:… Phonak- Audéo V , Bolero Q , Naída Q , and Sky Q Product Description:.. -Hearing Aid Holder uses Rubber Rings that go around your Hearing Aids that have a holder Clip that attaches to the back of your collar. Great for sport activities, work outs, and the gym. Also very useful for children with hearing aids in order to prevent the loss and fall of the Hearing Aids. -Multi Purpose Cleaning 3-in-1 Brush with Wax Remover and Battery Magnet helps you maintain your Hearing aids, acoustic tubes, Eartip Domes and install batteries much easier. -Battery Safe 2 Pack Holder with Key Chain Attachment has space for 2 Batteries to keep them safe, away from moisture and on hand when you have to change used batteries. -Acoustic Tube Blower Cleaner lets you reach and blow out Ear wax or debris that may be stuck and impossible to reach within your acoustic tubes of the Hearing Aid. Also removes moisture and foreign matter from molds and tubing after cleaning to provide a clear opening from hearing aid to eardrum.

    Product Features

    • Maintenance and Care Set
    • Extend the life and comfort of your Hearing Aids
    • As pictured Above . Hearing Aids or Batteries not included!
    • Check Product Description for Additional Information and Compatibility

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    Cerustop Nanocare Wax Guards 4 x 8 packs (32 Units) by Cerustop

    Nanocare waxguards use Nano Technology to repel ear wax and moisture and maintain hearing aid performance over months of daily use

    Product Features

    • Genuine Widex Nanocare Wax Filters
    • Nano coated filter grid for enhanced moisture protection
    • Prevents loss in performance due to wax build up.
    • New white case with 8 black sticks
    • Suitable for Widex IIC, Phonak Nano, Unitron Invisible hearing aids

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    Nolan MICRX Bluetooth Wireless Microphone and Receiver Sets, Total Solution for Wireless Audio, Voice and Talk, Long Range, Clarity Sound, for Podcasting, Distance Education, Web Conference, Voice, Video Recording, Remote hearing aids, Camcorder, Handycam, YouTube, Panel Session, VoiP and more

    Nolan MICRX Bluetooth Wireless Microphone and Receiver Set, Total Solution for Wireless Audio, Voice and Talk, Long Range, Clarity Sound, for Podcasting, Distance Education, Web Conference, Video Recording, Camcorder, Handycam, YouTube, Panel Session, VoiP is a total wireless audio solution with microphone and receiver units to allow capturing the source of audio or voice wirelessly and freely. Users can listen or record the audio/voice of subject with clarity sound from Bluetooth Wireless Microphone with remote distance upto 30M/100 feet. The Wireless Microphone sets provides the unique 2-ways communication feature to allow receiver to have well conversation or direct during recording or shooting to ensure to catch the sound of subject of any special moment . With universal 3.5mm audio jack has offer the highly compatibility with most of recording devices with audio microphone input jack such as camcorder, handycam, iPhone, iPad, iPod or audio recording devices. It is ideal for recording, video recording, podcasting, VoIP, Skype, Web conferencing, distance education, YouTube…etc. The ear bud help receiver to listen the captured audio. The lightweight and easy-to-wear with clip on wireless microphone is offering enhanced mobility, easy-to-wear on cloth and using convenient. It allows user used freely up to a distance of 30 meters (100 feet) from the connecting recording devices. It has provided the long hour operation time, up to 5 hours with the rechargeable battery and gives users plenty of time to use and green environment. – Ideal for podcasting, panel session, VoIP, SKYPE, Web conferencing, distance education, speech recognition, PC audio, YouTube, camcorder/handycam recording -With a rechargeable battery to provides up to 6 hours of talk time operation – Easy-to-wear with stylish design and built in clip Package included: Bluetooth Wireless Microphone, Bluetooth Wireless Receiver, Stereo Ear buds, 3.5mm Audio Cable, USB charging Cable and QSG

    Product Features

    • Completed total solution of Bluetooth Wireless Audio Solution with both Wireless Microphone and Receiver units.
    • Capturing and enjoy the source of audio wirelessly and freely
    • Works with most of Speaker, Audio Receivers, Recorders, YouTube, Camcorder, Handycam, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone, Window phone, PC and more
    • 2 directional audio provide communication of conversation
    • Ideal for podcasting, panel session, VoIP, SKYPE, Web conferencing, distance education, speech recognition, PC audio, YouTube, camcorder/handycam recording and more

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    NeoMatic WB215 BTE Personal Sound Amplifier

    NeoMatic WB215 BTE Personal Sound Amplifier is an ear hearing amplifier digitally operated able to increase overall clarity by continuous control of amplified sound, lets you hear clearly what people speaking even in a distance and in public. No more garbled voices as if mumbling; you can do your daily activities like watching television and joining family conversations. NeoMatic WB215 BTE Personal Sound Amplifier is rechargeable requires no replaceable battery; no needs of keep buying those expensive replaceable batteries! The NeoMatic WB215 BTE Personal Sound Amplifier lets you hear clearly what people speaking even in a distance and in public, reproduces clear sounds and voices for you at an affordable price; an ideal hearing device for the purpose of enhance ear hearing.

    Product Features

    • Digitally operated – Capable to minimize most of the background noise and to increase overall sound clarity, reproduces clear sounds and voices, lets you hear clearly what people speaking even in a distance and in public. It is absolutely excellent for watching televisions and joining family or group conversations, listening to your favorite music on the radio anywhere, and more….
    • Rechargeable – No needs of keep changing batteries every time the power gets low just go charge the device up. No replaceable batteries necessary, this is it.
    • Multiple rechargeable features – the device can be charged either (1) on the wall outlet using the UL certified micro AC adapter (for 110-240VAC use) that comes with the device as a set, or (2) into any high-amperage USB port to enjoy faster charging; USB ports are available these days on most of the equipment such your PC or iMac, even your fridge. The combination tends to provide you the convenience for locating a power source whenever you need to charge up this device.
    • Ever-fit device – Each set of the NeoMatic WB215 BTE Personal Sound Amplifier comes with 3 latex rubber ear tips in Small, Medium and Large Size, and a set of two Flange ear tips [pat no. US00D634, 013S]. The latter ear tip is specifically designed to hold the device securely in your ear canal; also helps prevent feedback and increase the amount of bass amplification. No more feedback or whistling chirpy noise, peace of mind!
    • Silicone underlay casing [U.S. patent pending] – is streamline and light in weight; conforms to the natural contours of your ear back you wouldn’t feel like you are wearing one. The NeoMatic WB215 BTE Personal Sound Amplifier is developed and manufactured in the environment of ISO9001/13485.

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    Rechargeable Hearing Aid Lexmann ZR109 (high end)

    Lexmann Hearing Aid model ZR109, Range Alta, brand new, sonotone aids, it helps deaf ear BTE behind, Model 2016, rechargeable type, does not use batteries. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TYPE: LOW FREQUENCY FILTER BTE Maximum output 135 dB Gain> 38 dB Harmonic distortion <5% Frequency 300-4000 Hz input noise <30 dB Battery 55 mAh Litium consumption <4 mA

    Product Features

    • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Lexmark ZR109

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