BestOfferBuy Behind Ear Adjustable Tone Hearing Aid Sound Voice Amplifier F-138

  • Model: F-138
  • Suitable for those who have difficulty hearing
  • Adjustable volume
  • Frequency response Range: 300-4000Hz
  • Max sound output: 129 +/
  • 4dB
  • Sound gain: >=38dB
  • Total harmonic wave distortion: <=15% for f<1000Hz or 1000Hz
  • Input noise: <=30dB
  • Makes anything easily and clearly heard
  • Silicone earpiece cover for added comfort
  • Powered by: 1x LR44 battery (included)
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1.5 x 0.7cm/ 1.9 x 0.6 x 0.3in
  • Package Dimension: 10 x 7.7 x 3.0cm/ 3.9 x 3.1 x 1.2in
  • Net weight of hearing aid: 10gpackage includes: 1x Hearing aid
  • 2x ear plugs
  • 2x LR44 batteries
  • 1x User manual
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    Das TV Original – WALSON® Bone Conduction – Bone Conduction Headphones – Bluetooth 4.0 – Protection from Splashing Water (Sweat) without cable – for Sports and Leisure – with Microphone – for Hands Free phone – Up to 8 hours of playback AM/2 GB WALSON® Headphones Earrings – USB Stick with certificates and Instructions Gold ZD100

    Walson® – the original from TV.
    A quality headphones from Walson® designed in Germany:
    – Welding undurchlässiges Material/protected against splashes of water
    – Intelligent “voice Adjustable height
    Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter
    Bone conductive technology (MHRA Class 1 Registered Medical Use)
    – Walson® Intelli chipset® chip
    – Built-in HD microphone so you can use as a hands-free speakerphone your mobile phone
    – Patented Iqualmax® by Walson® technology for impressive sound quality
    – Built-in power batteries (up to 5000 recharge cycles over the life of the battery)
    – Up to 8 hours of continuous operation
    – Soft and durable outer material
    – Free from carcinogenic plasticisers
    Technical details:
    – Bluetooth version: V2.1 + EDR
    – Bluetooth protocol: HFP 1.6, HSP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, A2DP 1.2
    – Transmission distance: 10 metres
    Chip Type: High CSR8640 Power Chip
    – HD driver unit:?30 mm
    – Load impedance: 32? ± 15%
    – Max. Volume: 40dB ± 2dB
    – Max. Distortion: < 0.3% (THD)
    Sound mitigation technology Ilogy Iqualmax® by Walson® CVC6.0
    Game: Frequency: 20 – 20 kHz
    – Battery: Walson® Micro Lithium 185 mAh
    – Standby time: over 175 hours
    – Continuous ‘Rächzeit: up to 8 hours
    – Charging time: approx. 1.5 hours
    – Dimensions (L * W * H): 120 * 140 * 50 mm
    – Weight (Net): 41g
    You can find the instructions for use on a supplied Ieferten 2 GB USB Flash Drive. We are in addition to the headphones, (if applicable) the earring, with a soft protective case and the micro USB charging cable included.

    Product Features

    • We at Walson® strongly believe that our products are not only the life of our customers enhance, is also help more enjoyable and a unique listening experience. Glass clear sound with full bass developed from our house forged for sophisticated sound, sound into a new unprecedented Dimension.
    • Thanks to the latest technologies the state of progress stay connected with your Walson® High End device. A wireless connection provides the necessary and will give you more freedom of movement you never want to be without them. Wires getting tangled is now a thing of the past. Many customers report that you can listen to music with quality of bone conduction headphones. Just let us know. We Be Happy To Explain what we can be what we can not.
    • Either in sport and much more, Walson® a reliable companion for the anywhere you with any enquiries. Latest Technology. The sound is transmitted via the cheek bone. With Straps, these ear problems in the form of have it, can listen to all your (better listening drum skin damage etc) are possible. Pair your new Walson® headphones to your Bluetooth device to and enjoy unique sound experience.
    • Walson® is made from 25% to innovation, 25% Cotton responsibility to 25% know-how and 25% Visions. Walson® builds up after a team of engineers, process technicians, musicians and numerous Träumern, because if you look it can dream, it can create. Listen to pure of the chamber. We are. good Achtung sheer Gegebenem occasions: we are looking copies and Relabler of our products as a Kompliment to our work here in Amazon. Only trust the original of the Walson®
    • We think not only to that is now but also to the environment and the morning. To give you all the documentation to a USB storage in the environment, easing. No more paper. The complete packaging is almost made from 100% recycled materials. The use of boards are also fast 100% Recycled.

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    amplicomms TV 2410-NL, Funkheadset – Funktionen identisch wie TV 2400, aber Übertragung durch Induktionsschlinge an ein Hörgerät or Cochlea Implantat-System (CI-System)

    Rechargeable Battery:Rechargeable, Run Time (Up To):5 hour(s), Connections:Audio line-in – mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ¦ Audio line-out – mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, Features:Built-in microphone, 2.4 GHz, LED indicator, tone control

    Product Features

    • Product Type:Wireless listening system for hearing aid users
    • Package Content:AC power adaptor, audio cable, microphone, RF receiver, RF transmitter, 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, induction neckloop, SCART adapter, audio adapter
    • Max Operating Distance:30 m
    • Colour:Black, dark red

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    KeepPower 26650 4500mAh Protected Rechargeable Li-ion Battery


    Battery Type:Li-ion Battery
    Min.Capacity:4450mAh(manufacturer rated)
    Standard Capacity:4500mAh(manufacturer rated)
    Max.Capacity:4650mAh(manufacturer rated)
    Protective Board:Yes
    Charging Current:2.0A
    Max.Discharge Voltage:13.0A


    1.Protection circuit(Against overcharge,over discharge,over current and short-circuit)
    2.Over 500 times charge-discharge cycles
    3.Inner resitance safety circuit

    Package Includes:

    1 x 26650 Battery

    Product Features

    • 1.Protection circuit(Against overcharge,over discharge,over current and short-circuit)
    • 2.Over 500 times charge-discharge cycles
    • 3.Inner resitance safety circuit
    • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
    • Voltage: 3.7V

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    Hearing Aid Brush with Magnet for battery insertion and wax cleaning loop

    What Is It?

    Multi-functional cleaning tool

    What Does It Do?

    Brush away any wax or skin debris from the surface of hearing aids.
    Use loop on other end to gently remove wax from in-the-ear hearing aids
    Magnet on brush end makes removing and inserting hearing aid batteries easier

    Can Be Used With:

    Can be used with all In-The-Ear hearing aids

    Product Features

    • Multi-functional hearing aid cleaning tool
    • Brush away any wax or skin debris from the surface of hearing aids
    • Use loop on other end to gently remove wax from in-the-ear hearing aids
    • Magnet on brush end makes removing and inserting hearing aid batteries easier
    • Can be used with all types of hearing aids

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    Siemens Click Dome 10mm Closed For RIC Hearing Aids – 6 Domes Each by SIEMENS

    Click domes easily and securely attach to Siemens hearing aid receivers. Suitable for original series miniReceiver hearing aids (up to 2013) plus miniReceiver 2.0 devices e.g. Micon, Binax and the new Primax aids (Ace, Pure and Carat models).

    Product Features

    • Closed “Click” domes for use with Siemens RIC hearing aids. Pack includes integrated “notch” feature for the removal of used domes.

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    Easy on the ears. This hearing aid from Siemens sets standards in hearing ease and comfort by offering you key advancements in performance and reliability at a tremendous value. Intuis is an extremely comfortable hearing solution. The proven and innovative designs seen throughout the product line make it extremely easy-to wear. Sleek, ergonomic SP Dir BTE(twin mic) housings are tailored to the natural shape of the ear for comfortable, everyday use. For those who prefer an open ear SP Dir BTE(twin mic), Intuis Life utilizes ultra-thin, soft, non-occluding LifeTips, for maximum cosmetic appeal and convenience. Intuitive. In addition to personal design and comfort, Intuis integrates proven technologies in reliability and quality. With proprietary technologies to protect from cerumen (ear wax), sweat and moisture, as well as manufacturing innovations to ensure long term performance, Intuis is the dependable solution for hearing loss. Easy understanding Directional microphone technology is a hearing instrument technology that improves speech understanding in noisy environments. Intuis offers directional microphone systems in almost every model. Easy listening All Intuis models include feedback cancellation as a standard feature. Siemens feedback cancellation is so intuitive that it actually reduces or eliminates feedback without affecting sound quality. With Intuis, you can comfortably enjoy the sounds around you without annoying whistling or squealing. Siemens has integrated recent advancements in noise reduction technology to make Intuis more comfortable to wear in noisy situations. Steady-state sounds like the hum of a refrigerator or air conditioner and noise from traffic are effectively reduced – instantly! So you can confidently and easily focus on your conversation without being distracted. Simple Reliability All Intuis SP Dir BTE(twin mic)’s are equipped with the unique Siemens Nanocoating technology to protect them from moisture.

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    10 Large (L) Soft Replacement Mushroom Domes Eartips Earbuds for Siemens : Touching, Motion, Nitro, Aquaris, Siemens Life, Lotus 12P, 13P, 13SP, 23P, 23SP, 23M BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids

    10 Large (L) Soft Replacement Mushroom Domes Eartips Earbuds———– Size and Dimensions:.. Large….Outer Diameter (13mm)….Height (14mm)…. -Made of very soft material for all day comfortable wearing. -Since hearing aids are worn for long periods of time it is very important to change them often, To maintain and provide better hygiene . Thus, reducing ear irritations and infections. -Water washable and antistatic, removable and replaceable. -Perfect and comfortable for your ears, left and right. -Hearing Aid is not Included !— These Eartips get attached to the Acoustic tube of your Device. Before ordering make sure that the Eartips to Your Hearing Aid are detachable.

    Product Features

    • 10 Large (L) Soft Replacement Mushroom Domes Eartips Earbuds
    • As Pictured Above. Hearing Aid is not Included !
    • These Eartips get attached to the Acoustic tube of your Device. Before ordering make sure that the Eartips to Your Hearing Aid are detachable.
    • Check Product Description for Additional Information

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    Eyoyo LF-18 Bone Conduction Wireless Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Nice Sound (White)

    Product Description

    The only wireless headphones to offer uninhibited situational awareness, complete with a sound quality that will shock you. A patented design and
    bone conduction technology guides mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering them.
    Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, this unmatched open ear listening experience is further enriched through innovative technologies
    that make it possible (and safe)to tune in to music or voice communication without tuning out the world.


    Wireless range: 33ft (10m)
    Battery: rechargeable lithium ion
    Continuous play: 6 hours
    Standby time: 10 days
    Charge in: 2 hours

    Package included:

    1xBone Conduction Bluetooth Headphone
    1xUSB Cable
    1xBeer Bottle Opener

    Product Features

    • Innovative Bone Conduction Technology – Transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea by vibrations.
    • Open Fit – Assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort. Avoid damage to your ears during exercises and be aware of the surrounding situation
    • Universally Compatible – Suitable most Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices,Such as iPhone and Android smartphones,Samsung Galaxy Phones and so on
    • Standby Time up to 10 days. Support continuous play up to 6 hours.
    • Hd stereo sound Quality, Wear comfirtable

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