Opara Hearing aids VHP-202s Elderly Wireless Invisible Rechargeable Hearing aids Aid Ear Assistance for Elderly Deaf Ear Hearing Loss Hearing – fits both left and right ears , blue

Material: Medical grade TPE environmental protection materials
Hearing aid category: wireless ear type
Medical Device Product Name: hearing aid
Disease: hearing loss, hearing impairment
Symptom: Deaf ear, hearing loss, hearing impairment
Applicable people: middle-aged, adult, old age
Buy hot: low-frequency noise reduction, simple operation, wireless stealth
Product use: 1. According to their ear size, choose for earplugs, ear plugs and headphones connected
2. No power plug directly into the charger to charge
3. The hearing aid is fully charged
4. Rotate the connector and adjust the appropriate angle
5. Turn off the hearing aid switch and turn the volume down
6. Put the hearing aids in the ear canal and adjust well
7. Turn on the switch and adjust the fit volume
8. Turn off the power before taking the hearing aid

Product Features

  • Use of medical grade TPE environmental friendly materials, comfortable to wear, soft touch, ergonomic design; material anti-fatigue and durable, repeated stretching 100,000 times deformation, to adapt to the ears and right ear.
  • Dual color optional, long standby, safe charging, digital chip.
  • Using digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve language clarity, lower noise, less distortion
  • Small and exquisite, light and portable, weighs only 8g, out of communication unimpeded.
  • Product configuration: ear plugs × 4, brush × 1, special charger × 1.

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