NKTECH NK-W3 Digital Anemometer LCD Backlit Wind Meter Air Volume Tester Gauge With Multifunction Buttons For Windsurfing Kite Flying Sailing Surfing Fishing and TL-1 Screwdriver

This meter (NKTECH NK-W3) is a portable, professional measuring instrument with large-screen LCD and backlight, multi-unit switching functions.
This meter (NKTECH NK-W3) can be used for hand-held or fixed measurement.
m/s (meter per second): 0.40~30.0 ±(2.0% reading+50).
ft/s (feet per second): 1.30-98.50 ±(2.0% reading+50).
ft/m (feet per minute): 80~5900 ±(2.0% reading+50).
km/h (kilometer per hour): 1.4~108.0 ±(2.0% reading+50).
mile/h (mile per hour): 0.9~67.0 ±(2.0% reading+50).
Knots (nautical miles per hour): 0.8~58.0 ±(2.0% reading+50).
CFM: 0 to 99990, 0 to 9.999ft².
CMM: 0 to 99990, 0 to 9.999ft².
CMS: 0 to 9999, 0 to 9999m².
Flow Area Setting: Yes.
MAX/MIN Function: Yes.
Display Back light: Yes.
Auto Power Off: Yes.
Low Battery Indication: Yes.
Power supply: 9V6F22 Battery (Not Included).
Size: 16.8 x 8.5 x 4cm/7.6 x 4.4 x 2.4in.
Color: Orange and Black.
Package Included:
1 x NKTECH NK-W3 Anemometer (9V Battery Not Included).
1 x NKTECH TL-1 Screwdriver.
1 x English User’s Manual.
1 x Carrying Bag.

Product Features

  • NKTECH NK-W3 is measuring wind speed and air volume. Portable and professional, can be used for hand-held or fixed measurement.
  • With multi-function Buttons: Freely switch functions between Flow Area Setting, Maximum/Minimum Function, Data Hold Function, Auto Power Off, Low Battery Indication and back-lit LCD.
  • Wind Speed Units: 0.4-30m/s, 1.3-98 ft/s, 0.9-67mile/h, 1.4-108Km/h, 80-5900 ft/min, 0.8-58. Knots, all ±(2.0% reading+50).
  • (Air Volume Units) CFM: 0 to 99990, 0 to 9999ft2, CMM: 0 to 99990, 0 to 9999ft2, CMS: 0 to 9999, 0 to 9999 m2.
  • Wide-range in Application: Ventilation exhaust, electric power and other industries, weather detection and outdoor sports like sailing, fishing, surfing, kite flying, windsurfing etc.

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