M&MY Wireless Elderly Hearing Aids,Control Sound Amplifier Battery for Left Right Ear Mini Adjustable Noise Reduction Audiologist Designed Ear Hearing Aids for the Elderly

Hearing aids Category: Open ear type, wireless deafness type, box type
Medical Device Product Name: Hearing aid
Disease: Hearing loss, hearing impairment
Symptom: Deafness
Applicable crowd: No Limit
Buy hot: low-frequency Noise reduction Operation Simple Wireless stealth
So mini that is nearly Invisible
Sits discreetly behind your ear.

Product Features

  • ? Light weight, easy to carry,Silicone ear cushions in three different sizes, fit for any ear shape;
  • ? Simple operation, easy to use,Old people see will use it ;
  • ? Allows you to listen to low-volume sounds clearly and comfortably,Easy and comfortable, one-finger operation;
  • ? Never miss another word at lectures, movies, shows or church;
  • ? Hearing loss, hearing impairment,Suitable for air conductive hearing loss patient.

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