Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids In-ear Adults Elderly Partially Deaf Audiphone Wireless Invisible (Single Ear/Pair) ( Color : Two ears )


● Product Type: ZDC-900C

● Product Name: In-ear hearing aids

● Category: Wireless Charging

● For the crowd: For mild, moderate hearing loss

● Accessories: Hearing aid * 1 (Box + Charger + Drying box + Earplug + Brush + Adjustment lever + Inspection certificate + Instructions)


1. When the hearing aid sounds smaller or can not work properly, it may be low battery power, then need to charge the hearing aid
2. When charging, connect one end of the supplied USB cable to the power adapter, and the other end to the secondary regulator box (storage box). When the socket is plugged in, the lamp is on
3. In the charging project, the lid of the storage box is covered, so as to ensure that the hearing aid conductive film is in good contact, the lamp on the adapter is red, green to indicate that the battery is full


1. Delivery time 10-20 days
2. Return range 30 days
3. If you have any questions, please contact us by email

Product Features

  • ★ Ideal for those with mildly restricted/impaired hearing ability
  • ★ Hearing aids is mini and light weight, not easily to be seen,easy to operate,adjust tone to the minimum before wearing
  • ★ Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, continuous working hours long, charging at night,using at daytime, eliminating the need for frequent replacement of the battery
  • ★ Ergonomic design, paste ear canal, concealed comfort, earplugs with medical grade silicone, clean, safe, soft, no pain
  • ★ Original smart chip, using digital noise reduction technology, according to the environment automatically noise reduction, but also you a clear voice of the world,to protect your hearing

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