MEILI Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid Wireless Sound Squelch Invisible Ear Recumbent hearing aid Miniature

For people: suitable for mild, moderate hearing loss use
Especially suitable for medium frequency, high frequency loss serious loss person, mild to severe hearing loss personage use

Product Features

  • Small size, easy to carry, high concealment, allowing you to more confidently into the community and work for people with hearing loss, hearing loss
  • Material: The medical-grade silicone ear hook, soft touch, comfortable to wear, anti-fatigue durable material, repeated tensile deformation
  • HD sound quality, intelligent noise reduction, simple operation, a key volume adjustment, stylish streamlined design, clear voice
  • Using digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve voice clarity, the sound is true, unchanging tone
  • Digital IC chip, small standby time longer, zinc-empty battery, low power consumption.

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