ME-200P Overture Personal Sound Amplifier – Lightweight, Rechargeable with Volume Control and Earphones

Think of the ME-200P Overture Personal Amplifier from Merry Healthcare as a magnifying glass for your ears; simply turn on the Overture, plug in the included earphones, and instantly enhance your hearing.

The Overture is extremely easy to use, with only 4 buttons: Power, Volume +, Volume -, and Mode. The Mode button changes between the 2 audio presets for different listening environments:
• Mode 1 emphasizes the vocal range for concentrating on conversations
• Mode 2 amplifies all frequencies and is better suited for quiet places

At less than half an ounce, this amplifier is one of the smallest available. The lightweight receiver has an attractive, understated design that clips unobtrusively to pockets, lapels and more. The Overture‘s modern industrial design will please even the most fashion conscious users. Say goodbye to clunky, out-modded amplifiers and embarrassing earpieces!

The rechargeable batteries will last up to 20 hours after only 1 hour of charging. No need to constantly shop for and change batteries!

The included earphones are specially tuned to reduce noise and block out unwanted sound. They come with 3 sets of earphone tips–small, medium and large–ensuring a comfy fit. Also included are 3 blue colored earbuds for easy visual identification of left and right. Earphone tips can be removed and cleaned for easy hygiene. The earphones won’t interfere with glasses.

Please search for the Merry Healthcare website to learn more about Overture.

Warranty period of 1 year

• Max Output: 115 +/- dB SPL at 2,900 Hz
• Max Gain: 60 +/- 5dB
• Size: 1.3 x 1.4 x 0.59 in / 32.5 x 36 x 14.9 mm
• Weight: 0.43 oz / 12.2 g
• 3.7V Li-ion battery

Package Contents: Amplifier, earphones, earbud tips (S, M, L sizes included), USB charging cable, USB charger, manual

Product Features

  • ENHANCE HEARING – Amplifies nearby voices, TV, nature sounds and more by up to 60dB
  • 2 MODES – Choose high frequency boost mode for concentrating on conversations or all frequency mode for richer sound
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – No need to replace battery, one charge lasts 20 hours and LED indicator shows low battery
  • INTUITIVE – Only 4 buttons makes the Overture very simple to use
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – The amplifier is thin and portable and can easily clip onto your clothing

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