Magnet Expert® Precision Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval Pen Pick-up Tool – Max Lift: 1kg ( Pack of 1 )

If you have ever needed to retrieve a metal item like your keys from a place which is just out of reach you will know how frustrating it can be. This handy precision tool is a must-have for any home for such an occasion. Because the small magnets can lift an impressive 1kg they are also popular among people suffering from back pain to easily retrieve metal items from the floor without having to bend down.

Product Features

  • Extends From 125m To 650mm
  • Supports up to 1kg
  • Ideal For Recovering Mild Steel (Ferromagnetic) Objects
  • Retrieve Keys, Nuts & Bolts etc. – A Must For Any Toolbox!
  • Designed For Precise Retrieval From Areas Fingers Can Not Reach

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3 Responses to Magnet Expert® Precision Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval Pen Pick-up Tool – Max Lift: 1kg ( Pack of 1 )

  1. Martin Kelly says:

    Not robust enough Broke the very first time I attempted to return the sections. I would like to say that I have a very similar “pen” like tool which has been in regular use for a couple of years without experiencing any problems and I can assure you that I am not heavy handed or treat such a tool with any disrespect. All I can say is that I fortunately found the original tool in a crevice in my car and it is still working perfectly well. I’m afraid I cannot recommend anyone to purchase this product on…

  2. K L. says:

    Saved me a few times! Great accessory to keep. I bought this after managing to drop my keys down a drain. Since then I haven’t dropped my keys but for other things that I’ve dropped it has been the only thing that has helped me. I dropped some vice grips in my engine bay and instead of having to jack the car up, remove the under tray etc I was able to use this item to pull the vice grips out of the engine bay abyss. I keep it in the car and I may get a couple more to strategically place in coat pockets and in the…

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