LL-Rechargeable Cable Box Hearing Aid Earphones

Material: ABS
Headphone cable length: 1.05 meters
Size: 69.7*44.9*20.5mm
Disease: Hearing impairment
Symptoms: Deafness
Applicable people: middle age, adult, senior citizen
Buy Hot Sale: Low-frequency noise reduction, easy to operate

Product Features

  • Brand new and high quality sound processor with Function Box
  • Two modes can switch the audition effect,you can choose the mode according to your own situation
  • Silicone ear cushions in four different sizes, fit for any ear shape
  • This Machine standard function box: Put the battery on the function box, press the power button, the indicator light starts to work, 20 minutes after automatically extinguished, next wear directly remove can . Applicable Battery: Battery No. 5 (excluding battery)
  • Easy to carry, not easy to lose, the product behind the pocket folder, go out to be free to clip in the collar, pants pocket and other locations

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