JML Silver Sonic XL Personal Sound Amplifier – Hear Everything Loud & Clear

Introducing Silver Sonic XL, the incredible personal sound amplifier that looks just like a mobile phone earpiece. Discreet and stylish, hear everything loud and clear so you need never miss out on a conversation, sports game or TV show ever again. Small and lightweight, its flexible ear mount easily adjusts to fit all ear shapes and sizes. Plus, the convenient volume control lets you easily adjust the intensity and volume to a level that’s right for you.

Product Features

  • Small and lightweight
  • Discreet – looks like a mobile phone Bluetooth earpiece
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Flexible and comfortable – fits both the left and right ear
  • 3 soft tips help to ensure a comfortable fit

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3 Responses to JML Silver Sonic XL Personal Sound Amplifier – Hear Everything Loud & Clear


    Horrible, too chunky Honestly, when you think of recent bleutooth devices, small size, rechargeable, light and easy fit, this one here looks like an 80’s device! Very difficult to fit inside your ear, as if it was made for a dog, the sound quality is not bad, but look at yourself in the mirror… MY GOD! would you really go round and deal with people in normal life with this medieval piece of collection?It seems to me that very cheap technology have been used to make this “yuk”. For £20 we could…

  2. pam griffith says:

    Five Stars

  3. gviv says:


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