Invisible Ear Care Portable Small Inner Right Ear Best Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids right ear

Product Name: Cofoe ear ear hearing aid (right ear)

Model: D-C-C1R

material: plastic

Host size: 1.8cmx1.2cmx0.9cm

Net weight: 0.3kg

Gross weight: 0.5kg

Category: Custom

Battery: A10

Calibration: Automatic

Frequency range: 200Hz ~ 7645Hz

Working current: 1.36mA

Compression Rise Time: 48ms

Equivalent input noise: 27.6dB

Disease: hearing loss hearing loss

Symptoms: hearing loss in patients

Buy hot: long standby low-frequency noise reduction operation simple wireless stealth

Applicable people: not limited

Product Features

  • Stealth to wear, flesh-colored shape, mini bionic design, paste the ear canal, just did not wear
  • Using the German chip, the sound really fine, effective protection of the elderly the remaining hearing
  • Intelligent noise reduction, comfortable enjoyment, listen to the beautiful feelings of flowers
  • Automatic fine-tuning technology, indoor and outdoor can be applied; lightweight portable, easy to carry
  • 3 different sizes of eardrums, suitable for a variety of people; no longer have to worry about the size of the hearing aid is not suitable, fit the ear canal, to avoid the whistle, wearing a very comfortable

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