HINEW Mini Hearing Amplifier Hearing Aid Aids Behind The Ear Adjustable Sound Tone Deaf Aids(Rechargeable)

Weight: 8g
Applicable to the crowd: hearing loss, hearing impairment
Include: Power adapter * 1
Plug converter * 1
ear plugs * 4
Manual * 1
Clean the brush * 1
Instructions for use: 1. Select the appropriate earplugs, the ear plug and headphones connected
2. full of electricity
3. Turn the headset cable to adjust the appropriate angle
4. Turn off the switch and adjust the volume to a minimum
5. put the earplugs into the ear canal, adjust the position, plug tight
6. Select the appropriate gear and volume
7. Use the end, turn off the power

Product Features

  • It applies to patients with hearing loss and hearing impairment
  • USB charging, using digital IC chip to control current loss, full charge can be used for 40 hours, send charger and plug converter
  • It is small, weighs only 8g, anti-beating, even if it falls from a height of 1.5 meters, can still be used
  • You can adjust the volume, you can adjust two different stalls, N stalls for the general environment, H stalls for noisy environment
  • It uses digital signal processing technology, can effectively reduce the noise, improve the clarity of voice

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