Hearing Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aid Voice Amplifier Device Low Noise In Ear (Left or Right)- Helps to Aid Your Ability to HearHearing Aids

Color: Nude
Material: plastic shell + silicone ear cap
Size: 18 * 48 * 10mm
Input voltage: AC100-240V 60Hz 0.2A
Output voltage: DC3V 0.2A
Charging interface: miniUSB interface
Battery capacity: 40mAh
Maximum output: 130 ± 5db
Frequency: 100-4000 Hz
Maximum speech gain: 55 ± 5 dB
Packing size: 187 * 148 * 63mm
1 x Hearing Aid
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Charging Station
5 x Ear Plug
1 x English User Manual

Product Features

  • This product for charging, do not need to buy batteries and trouble, no electricity can charge.
  • When please place the product directly inserted in the black box on the product without electricity.
  • When used to choose the suitable for your earplugs, and then switch to ON open state, and then to turn the volume switch to your dB.
  • When you sleep or take a shower when you put him down, will hit the OFF switch off state, so can Ting long use time.
  • Do not place the product in water or moist places.

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