Hearing Machine in the Ear Hearing Amplifers Machine For Deaf Adults Kids Mini Size with Pulling Line Sound Volume Control Battery A10 Adjustable Bar “FDA Approved” GPFATTRY

This hearing aid is for people with slight or moderate hearing loss. With the super mini size, it will be great to be hidden. You can use the adjustable bar to change the volume according to your needs. By the way, there are 3-types ear tips(small,medium, large), you can choose the best to match your ear.

Sound gain: ≥ 35 dB / 28
Battery size: A10
Total harmonic distortion: <5%
Operating current: ≤ 6 mA
Frequency range: 200 to 4000 Hz
Working time / H: 29
Input noise: ≤ 35 dB
Battery : 2pcs, Volume Sticker: 1pcs, Ear Tip: 3pcs, Package Box: 1pcs, Directions: 1pcs
Certification: FDA Machine Size: 1 X 1.6 x 1 , 3
Hearing loss: slight and moderate deafness. Characteristic:
1. A key switch, volume control, easy operation
2. The corresponding uncomfortable thresholds will correctly adjust the maximum output, protect the ear and adjust the low distortion
3. Different earplugs that are suitable for the ears of different people are prepared
4. Invisible mini type of ITC hearing aid hidden in the ear.
5. A beautiful design with a convenient pull line to remove the hearing aid from the ear
Factory direct sales, reasonable price, high quality)

Product Features

  • Super mini size with the pull line: The size of the hearing aid is 0.66 * 0.55 inches, it can be hiden well in your ear, no need worry others will notice. The pull line can help you to take out hearing machine.
  • Suitable for slight and moderate hearing loss: This analog hearing machine is for children and elderly. There are 5-grade volume to adjust. Because it is small size then you can use the adjustment bar to change the volume as you need.
  • Accessories: 2pcs A10 backup battery, you can buy easily on the market. 3 types of ear tips of different size, you can choose the right size. 1 adjustable bar, you can change the volume by it. 1 English manual book, an anti-damage packaging box will protect goods well.
  • Easy operation: 1. Install the battery as manual book, the battey size is A10. 2. Select the appropriate volume as needed. Please change the volume slowly from low to high. 3. When you take out hearing machine, please remove the battery.
  • FDA Certification: It is certified by FDA admistration. We provide 1 year warranty, if you not sure about your hearing loss,we can help you choose hearing amplifier.

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