Hearing Aids®Hearing Aid Device Mini Ear Amplifier Digital Hearing Aids in The ear For elderly Digital hearing Aids (Left or Right)

Product Name: Hearing aids
Disease: hearing loss hearing loss
Symptoms: hearing loss in patients
Applicable people: not elderly adults in the elderly
Package includes: hearing aid + battery 2 + earbuds 4
Use the battery: A675 lithium battery
Maximum Saturation: 129db + 4db
Full file gain: 78db + 5db
Harmonic distortion: 1000Hz
Frequency range: 450Hz-3500Hz
Working current: 8mA
Light weight, easy to carry
Never miss another word at lectures, movies, shows or church
For the crowd: suitable for moderate hearing loss, especially for intermediate frequency
Note: After wearing for a period, use a small brush to clean up the oil residue, cerumen.

Product Features

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery is more economical
  • The appearance of fine, small and exquisite
  • Power more noise less, more clear sound distortion is smaller
  • Best Hearing Keep earplugs clean and replaceable
  • Interchangeable earplugs to block noise

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