Hearing Aids Batteries Size 312 Hearing Amplifier Accessories 6 Batteries

Product Features

  • Pack of 6 Batteries
  • Size 312 – Colour coded Brown
  • High performance & long-life hearing aid batteries
  • Voltage – 1.45V; Electrochemical system – Zinc Air; Typical capacity 170maH
  • Hearing aid batteries with EasyTab for easy insertion

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3 Responses to Hearing Aids Batteries Size 312 Hearing Amplifier Accessories 6 Batteries

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    six stars!!!!! It is a very very big surprise for me when I recieve the item,what a delicate package!!!There is a small plastic box which you can bring everywhere easily.Amazingly,there is a beautiful poster that clear up my confusions about the unit.If possible,I will give six stars to the package!Then,This hearing aid is quite suitable for me,I put the battery into the unit and wear,yeah,I hear everything,and I find it clear with very little noise.so exciting!!!I will read the poster and instructions…

  2. Maddison Chadwick says:

    it worth the money! I am in my mid 50’s but my hearing is getting bad! I have to say huh and what way to often! I turn the TV volume up way louder than my wife wants it but she tolerates it rather than having to repeat an entire movie to me. My Mother has hearing loss and I tried one of her hearing aids one day and couldn’t believe what all I could hear. I was amazed!Maybe I need a hearing aid although I am not willing to wear it.My old mother had purchase this before in this store,I don’t believe that we…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    The hearing aids are fine with one serious reservation The hearing aids are fine with one serious reservation. My two aids were supplied with size 2 A and B tubes and these will not convey the sound into my ear canals sufficiently to achieve good volume and I feel I am in an echo chamber. Also the four programmes all sound exactly the same. I sent a message to Fiil via Amazon and they replied that they have no intention of supplying the longer tubes until next year at the earliest. In the meantime, I have to stick my fingers in my ears to hold the…

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