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Motorola Vintage

Vintage Motorola Profile 300 Cell Phone


Vintage Motorola Classic DynaTAC Brick Phone with Charger -As Is


Vintage 80s Motorola Dynatac 8000 Original Brick Cell Phone & Car Plug


Vintage Motorola Timeport Gray Cellular Flip Phone P8767


Vintage Motorola Bag Phone SCN2497B Portable Car Telephone Old Bag EXC CON. C49


Vintage Motorola Digital Personal Communicator Flip Cell Phone and Charger


Vintage Motorola gold series Car Mobile Phone Type Scn2499a With Travel Zip Case




Vintage Motorola Digital Communicator L3000 Multi-Service Portable Mixed Lot


Vintage Motorola Mobile Cellular Flip Phone Great Condition 


Vintage Motorola Micro TAC Lite XL Flip-Phone Cellular One with Accessories


Vintage Motorola Thick Brick Mobile Cell Phone & Charger – Rare


Vintage Rare Motorola Ultra Classic II Brick Cell Phone Cellular Collectible!


Vintage 1995 Motorola MicroTAC DPC550 Cell Phone w/ Original Box Rare


Vintage Motorola StarTac Phone with accessories


Motorola STARTAC Digital Flip Phone With Flip Phone Vintage Rare Protective Case


Vintage 1990s Motorola Bag Cell Car Phone (Cellcom)SCN2462A With Car Adapter


Vintage Startac Motorola Flip Cell Phone Black Very Good Condition Used ST7797


Vintage Motorola StarTac 7000G Series Digital TDMA Flip Phone ST7897


Vintage Sprint Motorola Cellphone Model SCN2500A Mobile Bag Car Phone


Vintage Motorola Cellular One Bag Phone Mobile Cell Car Brick AS IS


**Vintage**Motorola StarTac ST7868W - PagePlus


Motorola Vintage US West Cellular Brick Handheld Ultra Classic Cell Phone


Vintage Rare 80's Motorola DinaTAC 8000M Analog Thick Brick Cell Phone Cellular


Vintage Motorola Cellphone~ Cellular 2000 ~ Mobile Bag Car Phone


Vintage TWO Motorola MicroTAC DPC550 Cell Phones w/ Original Box 2 phones


Vintage MOTOROLA Micro TAC ALPHA Cellular Phone + Manual & Extras


Vintage 1980’s Motorola Ultra Classic II Brick Phone With Charger


Motorola Vintage Phone Brick F09NFD8464BG Cellular One Cell Phone - AS IS


Vintage Motorola StarTac ST7790 Flip Phone Cell Phone w/ Battery and Holster


Vintage Motorola Piper Digital Personal Communicator Phone. Model 76358NADBA


Vintage MOTOROLA StarTAC ST7868W Verizon Dual Band Flip Cell Phone


Vintage MOTOROLA DCP650 Flip Cell Phone W/ Chargers, Batteries & Cradle WORKS!!!


Vintage Motorola Microtac 650 Flip Phone Cellular Cell Phone US Cellular


Vintage Motorola V60i Flip Cell Phone


Vintage Motorola StarTac 3000 Cell Phone 1998 Original Box and Accessories


Motorola Vintage Model ST7790


Vintage Cell Phone Lot of 5 Nextel Motorola


Motorola Vintage Cell Phone. Cellstar scn2462A


Vintage Motorola Ultra Classic II Brick Cell Phone With Battery airtouch Cool


Vintage Motorola F09HLD8416AG Digital Personal Communicator Phone Charger A3247


Vintage Motorola CellularOne Car Mobile Brick Bag Phone w Manual