G&M Hearing Aid Mini In The Ear Aids Ear Amplifying Aid Adjustable Tone For Partially Deaf 600 Hours Hearing Aids In The Ear , single silver

Hearing aid., it suits for SEVERE to PROFOUND hearing loss.
The LOTUS family combines the latest trimmer technology with latest digital hearing features.
For the wearer it means superior sound quality with competitive price.
Volume adjustment for controling volume
The hearing aid with Ear Hook can be used for Left or Right Ear.
You can choose either for your left or right ear.
This aid is suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.
Power Save: 500 hours for a battery
Hearing aid category: open-style wireless back ear
Medical Device Product Name: Ear-back hearing aids
Disease: Deaf ears are hearing loss
Symptoms: hearing loss, hearing loss deafness
Applicable people: not old adults in the elderly
Buy hot: life 600 hours low frequency noise reduction operation simple wireless stealth
Color classification: stand-alone to send a shock box 1 + Without battery, use battery model: A675

Product Features

  • Weight: 8g, small size, easy to carry, high concealment, can make you more confident into the community and work for hearing loss, hearing impairment of the crowd
  • Material: the use of medical grade environmental silicone ear hook, soft touch, comfortable to wear, durable and durable materials, repeated stretching is not deformed
  • High-definition sound, intelligent noise reduction, you can adjust the volume size, the use of digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve voice clarity, sound real,
  • Two listening mode, just start the default mode for the IF, press the M key to the treble mode and bass mode, you need to return to the previous mode, then press the M key
  • Digital IC chip, small standby time longer, zinc empty battery, you can save 600h, low power consumption, current consumption 1.2mA

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