G&M Ear Hearing Aid Ear Machine for Deaf Care Battery Hearing Amplifier Personal Sound Amplifier Digital Feedback Cancellation and Noise Reduction

High quality sound amplified
Bluetooth design
Volume control
Flexible ear wire
ear zoom amplifier
Max Sound Output:129 +- 3dB
Sound Gain:>=50dB
Total Harmonic Wave distortion:<= 5%
Input noise:<= 38dB
Working voltage:D.C.3 V
Working current: <= 4 mA
Battery : 1 x AG13 / A675
Size: 5.8cm x 3.4cm x 1.5cm

Product Features

  • Low frequency noise reduction
  • Real-time power display, rechargeable
  • Clear sound, distortion small
  • Imitation Bluetooth style, carry beautiful ?????????earing aid, suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss.

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