G&M Digital Hearing Amplifier Wireless Invisible Elderly Hearing Aid Rechargeable Elderly Ear-Type , Silver

Properties:Other, Digital Hearing Aids
Brand Name:Zinbest,vohom
Model Number:VHP-702
Type:Open fit
Feature:Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Setting:High/Low Frequency
Advantage:User-friendly;Cheaper; Affordable
Battery:Zinc Air A13
Technical   Specifications
UnitProduct size?40x20x10 mm
Max. saturation sound pressure level(OSPL90)?129+3dB
Full on Acoustic Gain38±5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)?10%
Frequency Response500~3800Hz
Equivalent Input Noise? 32dB
Battery Current Drain? 1.8V
Weight: 8g, small size, easy to carry, high concealment, can make you more confident into the community and work for hearing loss, hearing impairment of the crowd
High-definition sound, intelligent noise reduction, you can adjust the volume size, the use of digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve voice clarity, sound real,
Two listening mode, just turn on the default when the ring mode, press the M key to soft mode, you need to return to the previous mode, then press the M key

Product Features

  • Including: wireless stealth hearing aids + storage box + donated 12 dedicated batteries (enough for 1 year)
  • Only noise reduction, adapt to the environment, improve language clarity
  • Restore the natural sounds, lower noise, distortion smaller
  • Digital IC chip, small standby time is longer, the use of time 40h, current consumption 1.2mA
  • Material: the use of medical grade environmental silicone ear hook, soft touch, comfortable to wear, durable and durable materials

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