Geemarc LH10 Amplified Hearing Assistant

Product Features

  • Up to 120 dBspl Max acoustic output
  • Frequency range : 100 to 8000Hz
  • Adjustable receiving volume control : up to 30dB
  • The LH10 has a built in highly sensitive T-Coil to use as an Amplified Listener in any area fitted with an Induction Loop
  • Operating time 8 – 10 hours

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3 Responses to Geemarc LH10 Amplified Hearing Assistant

  1. S. Allibone says:

    I can hear again! So this little guy saved my life! – I haven’t tried other units like this – but I did some research and this one came out on top for me.I currently have a lingering sinus infection which has beautifully shut off both my eustachian tubes making me only able to hear mumbled noise. I’ve lost perhaps 80% of my hearing… until I get some kind of fun treatment at the E.N.T. clinic in a couple of weeks time. So…. the reason I describe this for you is that it shows that I’m not really in…

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