Elderly hearing aid wireless stealth rechargeable elderly deaf ear – back low – frequency noise reduction , Blue

Product Name: Hearing aids

Hearing aid category: wireless ear type

Disease: hearing loss hearing loss

Use the battery: the battery pack without charge

Symptoms: hearing loss deafness

Applicable to the crowd: for hearing loss compensation for hearing use

Buy hot: low-frequency noise reduction operation simple wireless stealth

Color classification: [Titanium and silver single version] ear-type hearing aids + gift original charger [dream blue stand-alone version] ear-shaped hearing aids + gift original charger

Product Features

  • Long standby standby time, smaller, standby longer, wear current from the traditional 4-8mA down to 1.2mA
  • Hearing aids using digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve language clarity, restore the sound of nature sounds. Lower noise, less distortion.
  • Using compression technology, ADC line optimization, effective protection of residual hearing. 4 kinds of hearing mode switch, bid farewell to analog hearing aids linear increase loud sound, stop hearing damage.
  • Elderly ears, hearing loss is usually treble or bass. It is recommended to adjust to the corresponding gear, the effect is better.
  • Small size, weighs only 8g, easy to carry, go out unimpeded communication.

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