Rexton ITC Day6+ Energy Beige

Rexton itc day 6+energy looking for high-quality, low-maintenance, reliable hearing aids that contain proven technology, and are economical too? it’s all in a day’s work for day+. Day+ is an example of our commitment to understanding today’s value-conscious wearer – while providing you with comfortable listening, easy handling and convenience. Day+ offers 4 models for a wide fitting range and 2 performance levels. Make your hearing experience the best it can be with easy to wear Rexton day+ hearing aids.
Rexton’s day+ digital hearing aids come equipped with a variety of features that offer you the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. All day+ digital hearing aids are available in a full range of cosmetically appealing models, from the completely-in-the-canal (cic) to open fit and behind-the-ear (bte) instruments. Ask your hearing professional which of these is the right fit for you. Schedule your appointment today.
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day+’s technology includes:
feedback preventer
automatic/adaptive directional microphone
noise reduction
green & easy charger
optional remote control

Product Features

  • 100 gm
  • Available in black/ beige
  • Rexton/ ITC

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