FACILLA® New Rechargeable Digital Hearing Amplifier HAP-80 / VHP801 USB Charger Compatibility Digital Circuitry, Micro Body Worn Design, Charged From Personal Computer By USB Docking Charger or USB Plugs with Memory Function – Fashion Design Easy to Take Energy Saving More Natural Clear Sound and Great Listening Comfort, Long-Lasting, Left & Right Ear Adjustability

This product is a sound amplifier, which can catch faint voice from the outside world and get a higher voice within 10 meters.
Convenient for watching movie, enjoying the drama, attending meeting, or having class, it could help you hear the sound clearly and loud
Note: Although I am required by law to provide to you and obtain from you a signed written waiver of the medical evaluation for a hearing aid, these over the counter hearing sound amplifier aids, which do not require a prescription, they are not medical devices, and comply with all Amazon guidelines. Again these are over the counter (OTC) sound amplifier aids and a waiver form is not required.
According to the FDA, it is in your best health interest to obtain a professional medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid and you are encouraged to do so before bidding on this item. If you choose not to obtain a medical evaluation before purchasing this item, I am required by law to provide to you and obtain from you a signed written waiver of the medical evaluation. I am also required to provide to you a copy of the User Instruction Brochure for a hearing aid, review the contents of that brochure with you, and allow you time to read the brochure. You must provide to me either a signed statement from a physician or a signed waiver before I will deliver this item to you. Upon your request, I will also provide to you a copy of the User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid or the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor from whom a User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid can be obtained.”

1 * Rechargeable hearing aid (US PLUG)
3 * different size ear plugs to fit your ear
1 * Link cable
1 * Cleaning brush
1 * English User Manual

Product Features

  • Full digital circuitry. It takes the signal from their microphone and converts it into digital data. More natural, clear sound and great listening comfort.
  • Digital Volume control. Sound low or loud, it depends on you. Gradually and comfortably increases sound levels according to your unique needs by digital volume control. It’s very easy and simple to use.
  • Pocket type (Body worn) design. It looks Mp3,it’s very popular among the young people, and sells very hot model.
  • Left/Right ear adjustability. Adjust the tube to left or right, so that you can wear it in your left ear or right ear.
  • Before using the hearing aid, please read the supplied user manual

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Pixnor Rechargeable Behind Ear Hearing Aid Best Sound Amplifier

Best sound amplifier in ear.
Light weight, easy and comfortable to wear.
Volume Adjustable.
Silicone earplugs in 5 different sizes, fit most ears.
With battery charger, and 1 cleaning brush.
Anti-shock, anti-drop, moisture proof, high temperature proof.
Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice.
1.Max Sound Output: 130±4 dB
2.Max Sound Gain: ≥46 dB±5dB
3.Harmonic Wave Distortion ≤6%
4.Frequency Range: 100~4000 hz
5.Input Noise: ≤30dB
6.Max Working Hours with Standard
7.Battery: 30 h
8.Working Voltage: D.C. 1.2V
9.Working Current: ≤3 mA
10.Rechargeable hearing aid
Package includes:
1x Ear sound amplifier
5 x Earplug of different size
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Charger (110-240v.)
1 x Instruction manual

Product Features

  • Rechargeable hearing Aid
  • Silicone earplugs in 5 different sizes, fit most ears
  • Frequency Range: 100~4000 hz
  • Volume Adjustable
  • Best sound amplifier in ear

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Infiniear – The Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Discreet Digital Design

This amazing new super small device fits in your ear – in fact it’s so discreet you can hardly notice it.

Simply slip it in your ear and adjust the volume to suit your hearing needs and away you go! The design is so compact and comfortable that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it.

Advanced Circuitry

The advanced microelectronic amplification circuitry will give you enhanced hearing without any whistles or interference that you find with cheaper imitations.

And because we are selling direct to customers we are able to offer the Infini Ear at an affordable price.

Other companies like you to believe that improved hearing costs a fortune, but not with Infini Ear.

No more batteries!

And what’s more you’ll never have to worry about the cost or having to replace batteries.

The Infini Ear is fully rechargeable!

All you need to do is pop it into the charger and turn it on. You can charge it while you sleep. It’s so much more convenient than having to fiddle about with batteries.

As it doesn’t need to carry batteries it’s smaller than other devices. Ditch your old-fashioned fiddly device and try the new Infini Ear.

Product Features

  • So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it

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