Q&Y Hearing Amplifier All Digital Rechargeable BTE Hearing aids C-122 for Serious Hearing loss

Item Type: Ear Care
Material: ABS plastic
Size: package size 16.7cm*12.2cm*5cm
Model Number: C-122
Product Description
rechargeable BTE hearing aids C-122 for serious hearing loss free shipping small size
Please notice that C-122 is for serious hearing loss,which is within first level of hearing loss.
power amplification:full-on acoustic gain(average value of high-frequency sound):38dB±5dB
frequency range: frequency response curve:no narrower than 450Hz-3000Hz

    Use Instructions    
1.  Please switch OFF-N-H to OFF , and then slowly     
       adjust the knob to the position with lowest volume.    
2. Wear the ear hook behind the ear, and put the earpiece     
       into the ear as well as possible.    
Note: After the two steps, the volume is the lowest. Otherwise, the squeaking sound may cause discomfort in the ear.    
3. Twist H – N knob to  N position, then slowly adjust     
    the knob to the position with the clearest sound.    
4. If you hear the squeaking sound, please check if the     
    earpiece is plugged well or not. If it’s not plugged well,    
    please try another kind of earpiece.    
5. If you feel that the sound of N position is void or noisy,     
    please toggle the OFF-N-H switch to H gear,    
    which can compress the low-frequency sound and     
    makes it sound more comfortable.   

Product Features

  • When the hearing aid can’t work normally or the sound ,becomes lower, please charge the hearing aid as the
  • battery power is low.When charging, please switch to “OFF”, insert one end ,the power adapter, another into the hearing aid and then
  • Charge when the power is turned off as the hearing aid ,can’t work when charging.
  • Please switch “OFF-N-H” to “OFF”, and then slowly ,adjust the knob to the position with lowest volume.
  • Note: After the two steps, the volume is the lowest. Otherwise, the squeaking sound may cause discomfort in the ear.

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MEDca™ High Quality Rechargeable Ear Hearing Amplifier

This is the same famous sound amplification device that has been nationally publicized on TV and in leading publications- similar to those that have been sold in Europe for much, much more. High technology so small fits right behind your ear. Don’t be fooled by small size or appearance of this device. It may look like a simple device just designed to hide just right behind your ear, but it’s actually a major breakthrough in sound interception and amplification technology. state-of-Art electronic engineering actually allows you to capture and amplify sounds you can hardly hear with your own ears! It works incredibly well that you literally won’t believe your ears! A New World To Super Ears! Just imagine what would be like to hear sounds that you could never hear before with ordinary hearing. Studies show that there are thousands of different sounds that are not normally audible to the average person. Slip on this technologically advanced device and you’ll instantly hear like a super hero. Incredibly, you’ll be able to hear people talking in next room loudly and clearly! Take a walk outdoors and you’ll hear birds sing like you never heard them sing beforehand hear a deer coming before they hear you, It’s an outdoorsman’s dream come true! Never Miss A Word! It has a dozen of practical use. Take it to the movies, theater, or lecture hall and you’ll never miss a word. It’s great for watching TV with a spouse- just keep the volume on low and turn on. She can read while you watch the ball game. It is not intended for the hearing impaired, but now you can enjoy the crisp, clear sound of TV or radio playing on a low level, without annoying everyone else in the room, experience a the fascinating world of super hearing today!

Product Features

  • Two days working after one full charge
  • Mini Flexible ear wire with Volume control
  • Comfortable for either ear
  • Rechargeable ear hearing amplifier is rechargeable no needs to keep buying replacement batteries

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NewEar – Great Value Digital Hearing Amplifier – Behind the Ear – Rechargeable, comes with Dual Chargers – Double Value Pair Pack – Left and Right ear Specific – Outlet and USB chargers, Six earbuds.

Why choose NewEar BTE rechargeable hearing amplifier?

Best Amplifier

NewEar has brought for you the new double value pair pack of rechargeable BTE hearing amplifier with the most convenient design. In case you are looking for a device that will allow you to experience a new level of sound then our amplifier is just the right accessory for you. The device is designed by our most expert audiologists to bring up a very powerful but affordable unit.

Incomparable Design

Its design is unlike any other BTE device. It has some unique features like noise reduction and feedback cancellation that will eliminate unwanted sound and let you hear only what is necessary. With rechargeable feature, you won’t have to purchase replacement batteries. You can simply charge it via USB or AC power outlet.

Optimum Amplification

For best amplification and better control, our amplification device comes with a digital volume control so that you can set the volume accurately in no time. Its full digital circuitry ensures ultimate volume setting and precise amplification.

Fits All

This pair is constructed to fit in ears of all sizes. For best fit and comfort the set comes with four additional ear plugs of different sizes.

Key Features

• Double value pair
• Noise Reduction
• Rechargeable
• Small and comfortable
• Fits all

Best Price

We are offering this awesome pair of NewEar Hearing amplifier at the rate of one for a limited time. So grab yours before the offer vanishes.

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Product Features

  • PAIR OF REVOLUTIONARY BTE AMPLIFIER: NewEar Hearing Amplifier with specialized noise reduction facility is an ultimate solution for those who require optimal sound amplification.
  • INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION: This personal sound amplifier designed by an audiologist. It has a fully digital circuitry and digital volume control for improved performance.
  • ULTRA LIGHT AND VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE: For convenience the BTE hearing amplifier is constructed extremely small and light. Its body is half transparent and won’t be noticed by others easily.
  • HIGHLY COMFORTABLE: Made of high quality materials, the device is safe and pretty much comfortable to wear. It fits perfectly on individuals of all ages.
  • RECHARGEABLE: With this pair of hearing amplifier, there won’t be any additional expenses on batteries as they are rechargeable. Also, our device is designed to consume minimal power.

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Mini Hearing Amplifier Hearing Aid Aids Behind The Ear Adjustable Sound Tone Deaf Aids (Rechargeable)

Weight: 8g
Applicable to the crowd: hearing loss, hearing impairment
Packaging contains: ear plugs * 4
Power adapter and cable * 1
Manual * 1
Clean the brush * 1
Instructions for use: 1. Select the appropriate earplugs, the ear plug and headphones connected
2. full of electricity
3. Turn the headset cable to adjust the appropriate angle
4. Turn off the switch and adjust the volume to a minimum
5. put the earplugs into the ear canal, adjust the position, plug tight
6. Select the appropriate gear and volume
7. Use the end, turn off the power

Product Features

  • It applies to patients with hearing loss and hearing impairment
  • It is small, weighs only 8g, anti-beating, even if it falls from a height of 1.5 meters, can still be used
  • USB charging, using digital IC chip to control current loss, full charge can be used for 40 hours, send charger and plug converter
  • You can adjust the volume, you can adjust two different stalls, N stalls for the general environment, H stalls for noisy environment
  • It uses digital signal processing technology, can effectively reduce the noise, improve the clarity of voice

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NewEarTM High Quality Digital Ear Hearing Amplifier “FDA Approved” NEW Rechargeable Model!

Why NewEar Digital Hearing Amplifier is an ideal choice?

Best Design

NewEar brings you the most stylish digital hearing aid that comes with a golden receiver. The device is completely digitalized, with digital circuitry and volume control. It looks more like a Bluetooth speaker than a hearing amplifier. This device is unique and superior to all other hearing aids with similar functions.

Precision Amplification

From the leader in hearing protection and sound amplification, this hearing amplifier is an optimal tool for those who need precision amplification. It allows the user to modify tone and volume for best results. Also, it prevents unnecessary noise and enhances sound clarity for better hearing.

Convenient and Durable

The NewEar hearing amplifier is lightweight and small in size. It can be used in either ear. For convenience, the device comes with three earplugs of different sizes. It’s perfect for individuals of all ages. You can profoundly rely on this unit as it consumes very low power and has a rugged construction that is strong enough to last for a lifetime.

Value for Money

We are offering this beautiful and highly digitalized hearing amplifier at a discounted rate only for a short period of time. So grab your NewEar hearing amplifier now before it runs out.

Key Features

• Golden Receiver
• Digital circuitry and volume control
• Lightweight and small
• Comfortable in either ear
• Precision amplification and rechargeable feature

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Product Features

  • “NEW” RECHARGABLE FEATURE: Our device is simple and user-friendly. It runs with high quality rechargeable battery, literally lowering the lifetime expenses on battery in the long run. Its great battery offers around 40 hours continuously using after fully charged.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: Our hearing amplifier is audiologist designed. It has been innovated keeping in mind the hearing requirements and limits of an individual. The device has sleek and stylish built, and comes with a very attractive golden receiver.
  • COMFORTABLE: The amplifier is comfortable in either of the ears. It has a full digital tone quality for low audio distortion and clearer voice. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONS: This hearing amplifier comes with low power consumption for up to 6 times power saving over analog models. It’s superior to other hearing amplifiers in the same range. Its digital volume and mode controls enhances this already top model.
  • DIGITAL HEARING AMPLIFIER: NewEar Digital amplifier is the best solution for people with hearing condition. The device has full digital circuitry and a digital volume control for convenience.

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Ear Hearing Aid Rechargeable Digital Mini In Ea rAdjustable Amplifier Audiphone

1 Funwill heading aid =1 x Mini Hearing aid+4 x Earplug (different sizes)+1 x Charger (110-240V)+1 x Charger (110-240V)+1 x Carrying Box+1 x User manual

1.It has a small size (item Size: 2.2 x 1.9 x 1.4cm,Package Size: 12.5 x 8.5 x 2cm, Net Weight:3g)you can carry it to anywhere you want

Max Sound Output: ≥120 dB
Max Sound Gain: ≥30 dB
Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤15%
Frequency Range: 250~3800 Hz
Input Noise: ≤50 dB

Steps1:Connect the silicon tip to hearing Aid
Steps 2:Turn the switch to “ON”Position
Steps 3:Plug the heading aid into your ear and adjust the volume as your like
If you can’t hear from the heading aid,please check the following steps

If the power is switched on keeping method:
1:The heading aid shouding be kept in the room,Where is dry and well ventilated
2 where the relative humidity is less than 80% and there is no corrosive gas
3.when you use ,you can chose your size earplug
4.if it still can’t hear,please contact with us,we are give you a new one or give you 100% refund

Product Features

  • The hearing aid come with rechargeable function, no need to change battery.
  • Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
  • Moisture resistant provides durability to most forms of moisture and wear.
  • Separate wire and headphone, more convenient and safety.
  • Super mini size and light weight, Affordable Hearing Aids are discreet enough to fit easily in your pocket or handbag.

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Hearing Aid Stereo Rechargeable Behind The ear Hearing Amplifier

made in China
Hearing aids categories: wireless back-type
Product Name: Hearing aid
Power Supply: DC1.4V has a relative error of + 5%
Ambient temperature: 5 degrees -40 degrees
Relative humidity: 80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86KPA-106KPA
Model: DB-101MH
Diseases: hearing loss hearing impairment
Symptoms: deafness
Applicable people: not limited
Optional hot: USB charging is simple

Product Features

  • The maximum saturation pressure level OSPL90: 130
  • Full Scale Sound Gain
  • Level Input noise level: less than 32
  • Total harmonic distortion: 8%
  • Rechargeable battery, suitable for mild, moderate to severe hearing loss

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Voice Amplifier Wireless Stealth Rechargeable Old – age Ear – back Hearing Aids , Silver

Hearing aids categories: wireless back-type
Product Name: Hearing aid
10 hours standby time
Smaller, consumes the electric current 1.2mA
Diseases: hearing loss hearing impairment
Symptoms: deafness
Applicable to the crowd: not limited to middle-aged and elderly adults
Optional Hot: USB charging operation is simple wireless stealth
Color classification: silver blue

Product Features

  • According to the size of their ears, choose the right ear. Connect earbuds to headphones
  • Rotate the connector to adjust the angle
  • The hearing aid into the ear canal to adjust the position, plug, leaving no gap
  • Optional hot: USB charging operation is simple wireless stealth
  • Applicable to the crowd: not limited to middle-aged and elderly adults

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XUAN Hearing Aid Wireless Invisible Elderly Deafness Back-type Rechargeable Battery Life 600 Hours

Hearing aids categories: wireless back-type
Product Name: wireless hearing aids
Diseases: hearing loss hearing impairment
Symptoms: deafness
Applicable to the crowd: for mild, moderate hearing use
Fine-tuning noise reduction, ultra-high power
Reduce noise, to provide you with better language clarity
Optional hot spots: low-frequency noise reduction all-digital automatic operation simple wireless stealth
High battery life without charge 12 batteries

Product Features

  • Hearing aids categories: wireless back-type
  • Product Name: wireless hearing aids
  • Reduce noise, to provide you with better language clarity
  • Optional hot spots: low-frequency noise reduction all-digital automatic operation simple wireless stealth
  • High battery life without charge 12 batteries

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Thomson Wireless Headphones ‘Senior’ for the Hard of Hearing

This headphone system is designed specifically for people who have trouble hearing the television at regular volume levels. The headset can be used whilst the speaker is in use on the television so that other viewers are not affected. The set is comfortable to wear, has a volume control and up to 9 hours of continuous listening. Full warranty and satisfaction guarantee

Product Features

  • Perfect for those who have difficulty in hearing the television
  • Up to 9 hours listening with rechargeable battery
  • Balance Control, Built in Microphone, Up to 20 metres distance
  • Alternative Installation Kit included as well as all necessary cables
  • Contact number for assistance is setting up and use

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Energizer Alkaline Power AA Batteries x 24

Energizer AA batteries have Power Seal Technology to ensure reliable power. Ideal for many uses, such as cameras, torches, video games, etc.

Pack size: 12 plus 12 FREE.

Product Features

  • The Energizer brand expertise
  • They give lasting power for your basic energy needs
  • Energizer alkaline power have a high resistance to leakage

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