CareforYou® Siemens Hearing Aid Drying Set Dehumidifier Dryer Pallet Replacement For Hearing Aid Drying Pot (2)


Packing list:
One piece of Siemens drying dehumidifier(Drying pot not included) – see other listing

Tear the aluminum paper and put the dried into the box.(The paper side is upward)
Put your hearing aids onto the dried cake and close the lid tightly.

1.Please change the dried timely when the color change to white.
2. Keep out of reach of children;
3.Keep out of water.

Product Features

  • Removing Moisture From Your Hearing Aid Improves Reliability, Sound Quality And Prolongs Your Hearing Aid Life
  • Absorb Moisture From Your Hearing Aid When Left In A Pot Overnight (Drying Pot Not Included)
  • Better sound quality from your hearing aids ;Fewer repairs on your hearing aids
  • Drying Pot dimension – 6.3cm Diameter
  • It is recommended that you protect your hearing aid by leaving it overnight with the battery door open in a drying dehumidifier pot, It can moisture from your hearing aid. Drying pot not included – see other listing

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