Axon K-80 Hearing

Axon K-80 instrument with volume This hearing Axon model number K-80 helps you to hear better sounds in your immediate vicinity. He has an anti-shock and anti-drop, user-friendly design. The instrument is lightweight and comes with 4 different sized silicone earbuds. This also increases the portability. To insert the hearing aid you should be sure that the volume control at its lowest state. gradually increase after insert the volume to avoid sudden increases in noise, which could be painful. This instrument will definitely help you in your daily life whether it is attending a meeting or lectures or you relax a movie are watching. specifications: * Max Sound: 110 ± 5 dB * Sound gain: ?30dB * Total harmonic wave distortion: ?10% * Frequency: 300-4000Hz * Input noise: ?40dB * Voltage: DC1.5V * Current: ?4mA This article includes: 1x K-80 Hearing 1x Manual 1x Storage box 2x AG3 Button Cells 4x Different sized earbuds

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