Amplify microphone negotiating digital hearing aid behind the ear, left ear right red blue

Made in China
Categories: Open-ear hearing aid type
Medical Products Product Name: hearing aids
according to the size of your ears to select, auditory ear and aid
USB cable connected load and load connection port
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Create hearing aid behind the ear almost the Head and Ruler of Auricula addicted
diseases: damage to hearing Hearing Damage
Symptoms: deafness
People, the following applies: not only
hot spot, either: Shippers USB noise reduction low frequencies
Classification Color : blue ear Links Red and ears

Package included:
1X devices Audi goals
line load 1x
4x Plug,
1X Brush
Packaging 1 x
1X says

Product Features

  • Convenient for watching movie, enjoying the drama, attending meeting, or having class, it could help you hear the sound clearly and loudly
  • Left/Right ear adjustability. Adjust the tube to left or right, so that you can wear it in your left ear or right ear.
  • High/Low frequency modes. Reduces unwanted background noise by adjusting focus using two different modes.
  • In the low frequency, you will hear the sound very strongly and loudly. In the low frequency, you will hear the sound very deeply and quietly
  • Delivery time 15-25 days.

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