4inLoveMe IP54 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Bone Conduction Bluetooth Sport Running Headphones (Black)

Wireless Freedom

Are you still trouble in your headset line tied into different way? IT will bring you a real freedom via wirelessly bluetooth, help you enjoy the music unrestrained.

Clear Calling
Built-in high sensitivity omni-directional microphone, bring you a clear and comfortable calling experience.

Using the top CSR Chip of the United Kingdom to keep the maximum sound quality, retain every detail.

Show you the real world, restore the sound perfectly for calling, listening music, play games.

We were yearning for freedom by natural,but never ignore safety.

Unrestrained fit all kinds of sports scenes: riding, hiking, running, gym, etc.

Exquisite piano paint technology,with the smooth matte feel inside, textured form unforgettable experience, make the unforgettable feeling experience.

Do not worry about the sweat,

Q: Does IT can be used for other Phones which in addition to iPhone(Like BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia etc.)?
A: Yes, IT can be used for all of the phones which has Bluetooth.
Q: Does IT can be used for Computer?
A: Yes, as long as your computer has Bluetooth, or you can install a bluetooth module on your computer.
Q: Does IT can be used like a hearing-aid?
A: IT can improve the listening effect of Conductive hearing impairment People, but it’s only at listening music and calling, IT does not have adapterization function, can not be used in talking, and does not has volume adjust system.

Product Features

  • 1. Open the ear Design, away from danger, you can fully feel the environmental sound around even during exercise.
  • 2. Calling while driving, safety Calling or listening to the music while driving, the ears are still open, so the driver will not lose the alertness of the sound of outside.then reducing the possibility of traffic accidents.
  • 3. Clean, keep your ears away from the bacterium Traditional headset will be formed a closed humid environment in the ear canal when it be weared into ears, easy to breed a lot of bacteria. The 4 in Love only contact with the skin when it be weared, more health and hygiene.
  • 4. Bluetooth 4.0+EDR, 10 days standby time & 6 hours working time & 2 hours charging time only.
  • 5. IP54 Level Waterproof which means you can wear it while little raining, but don’t wear it when you are swimming or while big raining

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