312 ZAS for Hearing Aid Batteries Pack of 60 Fleece. Zinc Air Mercury Free. Brown.

Our batteries Zinc Air without mercury 312 Brown are built by the world leader between the producers of that builds even the fleece Rayovac Extra Advanced 312 PR41. The voltage is 1.4 V 180 mAh for acoustic hearing aid of all brands and models. The most famous battery is perhaps amplifon 312 Zas and are the same fleece for implants acustiche. should also be well for implants widex, acoustic, Oticon, Phonak, Bernafon, Resound, Siemens.

Product Features

  • Without mercury
  • Pack of 60 batteries A312 Hearing Aid Zinc Air 1.4 for
  • Long life commercial 3 years with stainless steel casing
  • Powerful from beginning to end and the most used for implants acoustic
  • Constructed from the world’s leading producer

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