LJXAN Digital Audio Amplifiers Rechargeable Hearing Aids Personal Sound Amplifier USB Docking Pairing Hearing Instruments Mini Headphones Hearing Aid Mini Stethoscope

Material: plastic

Color: color of skin

Size: 1 * 1 * 2cm

High Frequency Mean: 105dB ± 4dB

Peak Gain (dB): 30dB ± 5dB

Equivalent Input Noise: ≤30dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤5%

Frequency Response Range: 250Hz ~ 3500Hz

Rated Power Supply Current Consumption: ≤2mA

Battery: AG10 Button battery (Without Battery)

Product Features

  • * The tweeter of 2 frequency modes and the adjustable volume of scrolling can be listened with high quality cognitive loudspeakers and various settings.
  • * Portable and durable battery: Built-in USB battery lasting up to 40 hours. The amplifier is comfortable on any ear. It has a full digital sound quality, which reduces the distortion of sound and clear speech.
  • * Digital Audio Amplifier: A digital amplifier is the best solution for hearing conditions. For ease of use, the device has a full digital circuit and a digital volume control.
  • * Excellent design – Amplifiers developed by audiologists are easy to wear, comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear. Taking into account individual requirements for the hearing and limitations, he was an innovator.
  • * Style: This personal sound amplifier has a built-in digital chip and frequency control to easily adapt to different sound environments. Magnifier offers beautiful packaging and complete accessories.

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Zenipower Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Battery Size 312 (60)

60 Zenipower size 312 hearing aid batteries (brown tab) – Suitable mainly for in the canal hearing aids (ITC) and some on the ear (RIC, OTE) – 10 packs of 6 hearing aid batteries

Product Features

  • 10 cards of 6 batteries
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.4 Volts
  • Capacity: 180 mAh (to 0.9 volts)
  • Available Current: 10 mA(at 1.1 volts)
  • Operation Temp: 0°C to 50°C

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EBL Medical Ear Thermometer, Baby Instant Reading Infrared Thermometer, CE, FDA and RoHS Certified, with 15pcs Probe Cover

About EBL:
EBL is one of the leading battery and charger manufacturing companies dedicated to button lithium batteries, hearing aid batteries and some health equipment. AA / AAA / C / D / 9V / 18650 batteries and related battery chargers.

EBL household ear thermometer:
EBL household ear thermometer, high accuracy, doctors and pediatricians recommend CE / FDA approved ear thermometer is the most simple and practical Measures and measures. Battery life: approx. 1 year / 3000 readings, replace the battery when prompted in the upper right corner of the LCD. Measuring range: 32.0 ° C ~ 43.0 ° C (89.6 ° F ~ 109.4 ° F).
After turning on the power, click the power button to check the memory results.

EBL household ear thermometer, fast measurement time is simple, memory function, easy to track, the thermometer 10 is the latest temperature reading. One-touch operation, large-screen LCD display, can be read in the dark, automatically shut down after 60 seconds to save battery power.

Product details:
Digital Thermometer Thermometer A tape intelligent memory function, you can save the last 10 measurements to track changes in a unique temperature.

1. Press the On/Off button. The LCD displays “M” on the upper left screen, waits for the ready signal, and the screen changes to the setting without taking measurements.
2. To get an accurate reading, make sure you have a new, clean probe cover before each measurement.
3. Insert the probe firmly into the ear canal. Make sure the probe tip faces the tympanic membrane. Press the test button. When the test button is activated, a long beep will sound for about 1 second. The result is displayed on the LCD screen.
4. This product is only compatible with CR2032 battery.

package comprising:
1 * EBL infrared ear thermometer + 1 * CR2032 coin cell (display included) +15 * probe cover + 1* User’s Manual

Product Features

  • [Baby Friendly] An ergonomic ear thermometer designed for babies. Using advanced probes and sensitive sensor infrared technology, it does not directly contact the baby’s skin to avoid cross-contamination with external bacteria. The kit contains 15 ear thermometer ear cups.
  • [Professional ear thermometer] FDA, CE and RoHS certification, the display is 100% safe and effective, the thermometer is consistent, with LCD display, low battery prompt.
  • [Easy operation] Just press the test button and put the sensor into the ear. The accurate reading can be displayed on the LCD within 2 seconds. To get an accurate reading, make sure there is a new one before each measurement. , clean probe cover.
  • [Memory Function] Records the last 10 temperature readings, allowing you to track temperature fluctuations. After 60 seconds of inactivity, to extend battery life, the thermometer will automatically turn off.
  • Press the on/off button:The LCD screen displays “M” on the upper left screen, waiting for the ready signal, and the screen changes to the setting without the number.

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Phonak TVLink II basestation by KEEPHEARING LTD

Phonak TVLink II Basestation by Keephearing Ltd. The Phonak TVLink II – used in combination with ComPilot/ComPilot II or ComPilot Air offers easy understanding of TV programs. It improves speech understanding by turning Phonak hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones for TV or music sources. The streaming distance of up to 30 meters (100 ft) allows you to move around the house without missing what is happening on the TV. The Phonak TVLink II connects to all modern TVs with analog or digital (optical, coaxial) outputs. Streaming starts automatically as soon as the Phonak TVLink II and the connected audio source are switched on. There is an exchangeable charging slot for ComPilot/ComPilot II or ComPilot Air. The Phonak TVLink II basestation is independent of the Phonak hearing instrument model. It sends the audio stream via a Phonak streamer. This ensures the audio stream can easily be controlled (pause/resume, volume up/down). The Phonak TVLink II can be used with all Phonak streamers (ComPilot, ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II). The older TVLink S basestation would also stream to the new streamers ComPilot II and ComPilot Air but doesn’t offer a charging slot for ComPilot Air.

Product Features

  • For Genuine Phonak TV LInk II please order only from Seller KEEPHEARING LTD

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Yinitoo Unisex Support Brace Knee Brace for Injury Recovery Meniscus Tear Running Knee Support Squats CrossFit Sports Knee Support

Are you looking for a suitable knee brace to do some sports,you can search our products ,you may find a good one for you .

Offering pain relief and moderate support in minor or incipient knee illnesses like: runners and jumpers knee, meniscus tears, arthritis, tendinitis and osteoarthritis.

Suitable for All kind of Sports usage: running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing and much more.

We are looking forward to hearing you .If you have any question about our product ,please feel free to contact us ,we’ll be in 24 hours to deal your problems.

Note:There maybe 1cm deviation in different sizes ,locations and stretch of fabrics.Size chart is for reference only;there maybe a little difference with what you get .

Product Features

  • Material:Made of high quality fabric.Edge design without deformation, Silica gel collision avoidance,3D knitting for all day activities.More comfortable breathable.

  • Pain  Relief and Promotes Muscle/Joint Recovery: Compression is proven to Promotes muscle recovery and injury prevention.

  • Suitable for Any Sports: all sports activities that involve a great amount of stress on the joints,like running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing and so on

  • Size: Four different size (S,M,L,XL). Please following the size list to choose the right size.

  • Gender:Unisex, suitable for men women

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Hearing Aids Ultra Clear Mini Earphones Old Sound Amplifier Elderly Helps To Aid Your Ability Hear Wireless Steal Amplification Handset Volume Control For People Deaf Loss Headphones Portable Invisible

Portable Hearing Aid Elderly Old People Invisible Hard Of Hearing Sound Amplifier


1. This hearing aid is easy to hide and comfortable to wear and enjoys unmatched comfort and styling. 

2. This fashionable hearing aid is equipped with 3 different sizes of earplugs to fit different sizes of ears. 

3. It features easy wearing, low noise production and low distortion, and can help hearing-impaired people hear the sound. 

4. It’s applicable to either right ear or left ear. With the mini size and light weight, the hearing aid is not easy to see.  

5. The audio amplifier is equipped with a good built-in digital noise reduction controller so that you can easily hear people’s communication even in the noisy room. 

Tips: Adjust the volume to the minimum before you wear, and gradually increase the volume to avoid a sudden increase in sound 


Name: Hearing Aid 

Material: Plastic 

Maximum sound output: 130±5dB 

Sound gain: ≥50dB 

Total harmonic distortion: ≤5% 

Frequency range: 300-4000Hz 

Input noise: ≤30dB 

Voltage: DC 1.5V 

Current: ≤4mA 

Packing list: 

Hearing aid*1 

Earplugs (different sizes)*3 


Cleaning brush *1 


Product Features

  • 【ADVANCED HEARING AMPLIFIER】: This revolutionary hearing amplifier with feedback cancellation feature is particularly designed for those who need optimum quality sound amplification.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY AND CLASSY】: Ours is a premium product that is made of top grade materials, designed by an expert audiologist using highly advanced mini microprocessor technology. In addition, it’s sleek and stylish.
  • 【Compact Size for Travel】small size, easy to carry, high concealment, can make you more confident into the community and work for hearing loss, hearing impairment of the crow
  • 【Parameters】: Name: Hearing Aid Material: Plastic Maximum sound output: 130±5dB Sound gain: ≥50dB Total harmonic distortion: ≤5% Frequency range: 300-4000Hz Input noise: ≤30dB Voltage: DC 1.5V Current: ≤4mA Packing list: Hearing aid*1 Earplugs (different sizes)*3 Battery*2 Cleaning brush *1 Manual*1
  • 【Tips】: Adjust the volume to the minimum before you wear, and gradually increase the volume to avoid a sudden increase in sound

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TAOtTAO JAKEMY JM-8166 61 in 1 Screwdriver Kits Repair Hands Tools Kit for Mobile Phone Electronic Computer Model DIY Repair S-2 Bits

Specification Description:

▲▲Sleeve (6)

▲▲M2.5 M3.0 M3.5 M4.0 M4.5 M5.0

▲▲H4 ×28mm bright chrome screwdriver (5)

▲▲Motherboard Cross 1.5


▲▲Hexagonal 4.5 5.0 6.0

▲▲Plum blossom T2

▲▲H4 ×28mms-2 screwdriver (5)

▲▲One word 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0

▲▲Cross 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.5

▲▲Plum T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15 T20

▲▲Hexagon H0.9 H1.3 H1.5 H2.0 H2.5 H3.0 H3.5 H4.0

▲▲Cross J000 J00 J0 J1

▲▲Triangle 2.3

▲▲Y2.0 Y3.0

▲▲Five Stars 0.8 1.2 1.5 2.0

▲▲Square 0 1 2


▲▲Product Summary: 1-1 precision high-end screwdriver, a new upgrade configuration, with high-grade aluminum alloy handle, S2 screwdriver, screwdriver configuration to support the dismantling of the Apple mobile phone

▲▲Article number: JM-8166

▲▲Pieces of products: 61

▲▲Product category and pound; jakemy jetwing usa new products

▲▲Magnetism product: Magnetic

▲▲Product material: chrome steel (CR-V) + chrome steel (S-2)

▲▲Package include:1 x61 in 1 Screwdriver Kits

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Product Features

  • ❤❤Product Summary: 1-1 precision high-end screwdriver, a new upgrade configuration, with high-grade aluminum alloy handle, S2 screwdriver, screwdriver configuration to support the dismantling of the Apple mobile phone
  • ❤❤Package include: 1 x61 in 1 Screwdriver Kits ❤❤Product material: chrome steel (CR-V) + chrome steel (S-2)
  • cleaning caddy with handle large pink plastic kitchen small lid products for home method carpet bleach bundle eco homefloor duster bulk prime kit cloth wipes brush sponges vinegar cloths clothes microfibre glasses silver car care yellow roll antibacterial laptop wound leather pc kirkland office brushes difficult places to reach drill set hard areas bbq bottle electric storage stardrops hg organiser carrier household dettol new flash magic
  • bath bathroom handles white toilet lemon spray diluted tablets trolley kids tools toys toddlers coffee machine tray tabard towel monitor alcohol isopropyl aprons women apron accessories pockets aids disabled ammonia slippers supplies toddler socks holder sorter compartments hamper hacks house hearing hook hot tub hob head sonic scrubber toy childrens sets in adults blue
  • washing machine cleaner and descaler for smells mould dettol calgon tablets affresh dr beckmann line cover prop retractable outdoor spike pole rope waterproof pegs pulley up bowl rectangular black round cream white small grey red with plug basket baskets laundry collapsible plastic wicker legs lid liquid 5l dispenser bulk holder kitchen ecover method fairy brush powder storage scoop non bio tin capsules container measuring zip

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Varta/Rayovac Extra Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries – BL V 675 (PR44/HA675) Rayovac Advanced

Weight including packaging:/Pack Of 6 14 g
Manufacturer: VARTA/Rayovac (Extra Advanced)
Varta Type: HA675
INT. Size: PR44

Product Features

  • Weight including packaging:/Pack of 6 14 g
  • Varta product number HA675
  • Manufacturer: Varta/Rayovac (Extra Advanced)
  • Int. Size: PR44

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Upgrade Version Bone Conduction Headset Polarized Smart Sunglasses, Stereo Music Wireless Bluetooth Glasses, Multi-Functional Headset Hearing Aids, Replaceable Myopia Lenses, Driving, Cycling,Clear

Product parameters:
Bluetooth Chip: CSR Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth Distance: 10m
Battery: 250mAh
Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
Charge Time: 2Hour
Connector(s): USB
Charge Voltage: AC 110V/220V,50/60Hz, DC 5V, Max 1A
Earpiece Design: Glasses
Waterproof: IP67
Fit Design: Glasses/Sunglasses
Standby Time: 10 Days
Features: Call functions
Music Play Time: 3-4Hours
Color: Black frame
Conversation Time: 4-5Hours
Compatible Brand: Universal
Microphone Sensitivity: -403dB
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Speaker Sensitivity: 1023dB
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1,Support A2DP,APTX
packing list:
1x GL01 Bone Conduction Glasses Headset(Normal Lens)
2x Nose Pad
1x Charging Cable
1x Glasses Bag
1x User Manual
To avoid damage, do not use paper towels or clothes to wipe sunglasses, and do not use household detergent or soap. Just use clean water and provided cloth.
We are responsible for all products, you do not need to try any quality problems at any time!

Product Features

  • -Upgrade Version Bone conduction Bluetooth glasses, smart wearable, anywhere, anytime Listen to music & answer the phone.
  • -Plastic titanium frame, shock-absorbing seal design, lightweight 32g, IP67 waterproof and sweatproof, please make sure that the USB charging plug is completely plugged when wearing glasses, product size: 155mm * 144mm * 49mm, configurable medical lenses.
  • -Smart Bluetooth, long life, Bluetooth 4.1, power saving technology, ultra-low power, charging time 2 hours, standby 240 hours, 3-4 hours of sustainable calls; compatible with iphone, android, Windows and most electronic products.
  • -Bone conduction technology, so that the sound directly into the inner ear canal to keep the ears open, to avoid missed ambient sound, invisible bi-directional noise reduction microphone, call sound more smooth.
  • -About warranty:12 months is the manufacturer’s limited warranty on defective items (excluding damaged and/or misused items), Accessories with 3 months warranty.

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10 No. Siemens Signia Hearing Aid Battery pack of 6×10=60 battery by KEEPHEARING LTD

SIEMENS/Signia hearing aid batteries are high quality with long life, even in powerful instruments. Signia batteries provide long running times at a constant voltage level and thus contribute to an optimum hearing aid performance. Signia batteries are reliable and safe due to triple sealed high quality material e. g. stainless steel. Signia batteries are environmentally friendly as they are 100% mercury free. Easy removal of cells with the innovative delivery wheel ensures only one battery is delivered at a time. Maximum product protection thanks to the security seal. Secure closure of the packet with lockable dispensing tab. Clear color coding for instant recognition of your battery type. Environmentally friendly

Product Features

  • For Authorised Distributor of Genuine Siemens Signia Batteries please order from KEEPHEARING LTD.

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