LJXAN Digital Audio Amplifiers Rechargeable Hearing Aids Personal Sound Amplifier USB Docking Pairing Hearing Instruments Mini Headphones Hearing Aid Mini Stethoscope

Material: plastic

Color: color of skin

Size: 1 * 1 * 2cm

High Frequency Mean: 105dB ± 4dB

Peak Gain (dB): 30dB ± 5dB

Equivalent Input Noise: ≤30dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤5%

Frequency Response Range: 250Hz ~ 3500Hz

Rated Power Supply Current Consumption: ≤2mA

Battery: AG10 Button battery (Without Battery)

Product Features

  • * The tweeter of 2 frequency modes and the adjustable volume of scrolling can be listened with high quality cognitive loudspeakers and various settings.
  • * Portable and durable battery: Built-in USB battery lasting up to 40 hours. The amplifier is comfortable on any ear. It has a full digital sound quality, which reduces the distortion of sound and clear speech.
  • * Digital Audio Amplifier: A digital amplifier is the best solution for hearing conditions. For ease of use, the device has a full digital circuit and a digital volume control.
  • * Excellent design – Amplifiers developed by audiologists are easy to wear, comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear. Taking into account individual requirements for the hearing and limitations, he was an innovator.
  • * Style: This personal sound amplifier has a built-in digital chip and frequency control to easily adapt to different sound environments. Magnifier offers beautiful packaging and complete accessories.

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Starkey 48-Count Hear Clear Hearing Aid Wax Guards Filters

NEW 48-filter pack of Original Starkey Replacement Filters- MicroTech Hear Clear Wax Guards – Easy to see Orange Sticks’ in a protective bag that replace the old ‘red sticks’ and even older ‘blue sticks’ with the white filter on the end. Fits most Starkey, MicroTech, Audibel, and Nu-Ear hearing aids made within the last seven years.

Product Features

  • Great Value Pack. Starkey Hear Clear Hearing Aid Wax Guard Filters (48-Count)
  • Fits most Starkey, MicroTech, Audibel, and Nu-Ear hearing aids made within the last seven years.
  • New improved HearClear wax filters are coated to resist not only water but also oils.
  • The new red HearClear wax guards are interchangeable with the old blue HearClear wax guards.
  • Can be used where Waxceptors have previously been used.

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Siemens RIC Click Open Domes – 8mm

Siemens Click dome 8 mm open for all Siemens EX headphones devices. A blister pack contains 6 Dome Please note that we opened packaging for hygienic reasons, cannot zurücknehmen. The packaging is transparent, so that you can to see the contents and when making accidental no order the item easy of Charge. Thank you.)

Product Features

  • Siemens click dome
  • 8 mm open
  • Includes 6 domes in blister packaging

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Oticon RITE Power Domes 10mm

Medium power dome – 10mm. Available in packs of 10, not suitable for Corda products. (Corda mainly supplied by NHS, open fit tubed). If in any doubt PLEASE CONTACT US before you order, if you supply the model you are wearing we can confirm very quickly which type of dome you need to order. If you order the wrong size / type of dome but can return unopened and in a re-saleable condition we are happy to replace with the correct item, however we cannot accept opened packets that we cannot re-sell. It’s a good idea if you are unsure of the product to order to look at the picture of the product above and measure and compare the diameter of one of your existing domes at its base.

Product Features

  • Pack of 10 domes
  • Suitable for Agil, Dual, Delta, Epoq, Vigo, Acto and Ino RITE
  • 10mm power dome

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PHONAK COMPILOT II for Phonak Venture Series Hearing Aids by Keephearing LTD

Product Features

  • New version of the original ComPilot.
  • This ComPilot II is conpatible with the new Venture hearing aids by Phonak
  • Includes a power charger and instruction manual.
  • Comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • For New and Genuine Phonak please order from KEEPHEARING LTD

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FIIL-Ear Canal Digital Hearing Amplifier MINI Hearing Sounds Enlarge Device For Ear Canal Hearing Add And Ear’s Increase Hearing Super Hide And More Comfortable Aid … (Right)


1.This device is not recommended for individuals with profound or severe hearing loss

2.This device is not intended for use by those who suffer from tinnitus


  1. It is not waterproof, Don’t put it into the water
  2. Please take out the battery if don’t use it for a long time. Otherwise the components will be rotted by time. rotten liquid from battery. 
  3. Don’t use it at high volume for long time. Otherwise it will injure your ear. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using. 
  4. Please clean the products all the time, avoid ear plug and sound collecting hole being blocked by foreign objects. It will affect the effect of sound amplifier. 
  5. Avoid shocking, falling the product. Don’t keep or use it in environment of humid of high temperature


  1. 12 Band Digital Sound Processing
  2. Adaptive, Layered Noise Reduction
  3. Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
  4. Vented Ear Domes Eliminate the “Sensation of Ear Plugs”
  5. Digital Volume Levels
  6. Designed for efficiency to ensure Long Battery Life

Why FIIL hearing amplifier is an ultimate choice?

FIIL hearing amplifier will bring you crystal clear acoustical feeling with our experienced audiologists designed advanced hearing solutions.

long battery life, durable design and highly advanced mini micro processor technology makes this device a superior hearing amplifier than others on the market.

Product Features

  • 1.FIIL hearing Amplifiers will bring you crystal clear acoustical feeling with our experienced audiologists designed advanced hearing solutions. 12 band digital sound processing and noise reduction precisely boost the frequencies associated with the human voice, amplify speech while actively reducing background noise.
  • 2.30-day hassle free returns. 12 month warranty guarantee.(notice: any problems arising from misuse, attempts to repair, dropping or extreme use are not covered by this warranty)
  • 3.Digital volume levels – suiting all kind of listening environments. Easily changing between volume levels and preset configurations with one rocker switch.
  • 4.Small while compact. This device is durably made with superior materials and outstanding reliability. long battery life, durable design and highly advanced mini micro processor technology makes this device a superior hearing aid than others on the market.
  • 5.Thin as a peanut, almost invisible in ear. Easy to hide and comfortable to wear, FIIL hearing amplifier is unmatched in comfort, easily blended in with your body. and it comes with 3 different sized domes to fit different sized ears.

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2X Rexton The innovative INOX 5 Click-Fit TruCore-8 Channel Hearing Aid 1 PAIR

2 PCS L+R The innovative inoX 5 Click-Fit TruCore (AVAILABLE IN ONLY SKIN COLOR) The all-new* inoX Click-Fit is a completely-in-canal (CIC) loaded with our top hearing aid technology, TruCore. Unlike other custom-fit hearing aids, inoX does not require an impression to be taken of your ear and sent to us for manufacturing. Instead, inoX uses an innovative, comfortable soft sleeve to provide you with a quick and easy fit right in your hearing health professional’s office. They’re a quick and easy way to enjoy all the benefits of ultra-discreet CIC hearing aids with no wait. inoX 5 Click-Fit Features Three performance levels Six programs New! Voice Ranger New! Reverb Reducer New! Music Enhancer Tinnitus Function Bluetooth compatible App compatible After make an order of hearing please send me the latest audiogram report with in 24 hours. After received your audiogram report we will dispatch your device with program it’s free no cost will be apply. If you do not send your audiogram report with in 24 hours Then your item will be dispatched from here without program. You will then have to program with someone from your nearest audiologist.

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NAERFB The mini-consultation amplify hearing aid aids behind the ear adjustable Clay Clay pigeons (AIDS) Reloads trackables VHP-203

USB charging
Low frequency noise reduction
easy to use
Wireless stealth
Weight: 8g
Applicable to the crowd: hearing loss, hearing impairment
Packaging contains: ear plugs * 4
Power adapter and cable * 1
Manual * 1
Clean the brush * 1
Instructions for use: 1. Select the appropriate earplugs, the ear plug and headphones connected
2. full of electricity
3. Turn the headset cable to adjust the appropriate angle
4. Turn off the switch and adjust the volume to a minimum
5. put the earplugs into the ear canal, adjust the position, plug tight
6. Select the appropriate gear and volume
7. Use the end, turn off the power

Product Features

  • Small ear hearing aids, easy to carry around, free communication.
  • After taking the hearing aid at night, it should be placed in a box containing desiccant, avoiding light, avoiding high temperature and high humidity, and avoiding collision.
  • if you hear a whistle, check whether the size of the earplug (silica gel) is small, whether it is suitable, and whether the ear hole is tightly sealed. Please choose suitable earplugs and tight them, do not leak.
  • The function and volume control switch should be properly applied, so as to avoid the excessive and excessive force.
  • The external surface of hearing aids should be kept clean, and earwax should be cleaned regularly.

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